13 October 2009


Abbas has found a way out, he's sabotaging any unity deal with Hamas.

If you ever wondered what insanity looked like up close and personal, then look no more. Because you can see it in the face of the corpse President Abbas. He's all used up, a has been, outed by his own criminal treacherous acts against his own people. But how does he extricate himself from the political atomic bomb now?

After about a week of watching him and the PA make countless contradicting statements, flip flopping all over the place, or what we call "throwing shit on a wall to see what sticks" He's finally come up with the political "Holy Grail." Can you guess what it is? Yup, blame Hamas. But with an added feature too good to be true. Blame Hamas AND avoid a unity deal at the SAME time, genius! Here's how he's doing it:
Fatah has agreed to an Egyptian proposal for the two main Palestinian factions to separately sign a long-delayed unity deal by October 15, a senior party official said on Tuesday.
Suddenly Abbas announces he "wants" the unity deal with Hamas, something he avoided for years, until "right" now. next:

"We know (Hamas) are looking for any excuse. This is not the first time they have disagreed about the dialogue, and now they are doing so with the excuse of the Goldstone report," Abbas said in a speech in the West Bank town of Jenin.

"They don't want to go to Egypt, they don't want to bring about national unity and they don't want to turn back from their black coup," he said.
Hamas cannot agree to unity right now, not after what Abbas did with the Goldstone Report. Abbas knows this. It would be political suicide, given the feelings on the ground by regular Palestinians, not only in Gaza but the West Back as well. How convenient for Abbas. And just to make SURE Hamas won't enter into any unity deal, Abbas makes this outrageous claim, which again, shows how treacherous an Israeli Puppet he really is! See here:

Abbas went on to accuse Hamas leaders of fleeing during Israel's assault on Gaza at the turn of the year. "Hamas leaders, and I am saying this for the first time, fled to Sinai in ambulances and left their people to be slaughtered," he said.
Let me FIRST say, where the HELL were you Abbas when your fellow Palestinians were being slaughtered by your pals Israel?? Safe and sound in your big fat house that you got from doing dirty deals with your captors. Does this sound like a man who wants "Unity?" Or a man who wants to create an impossible political situation for Hamas so that NO unity deal will be struck, thus the traitor can arrange (with Israel and the USA's blessing and over seeing) an Election that will of course exclude Hamas due to "no unity deal." Get it now folks? More:
Fatah officials had earlier said that they would send a delegation to Egypt to sign onto the agreement and said that Cairo had given Hamas 48 hours to present its final response to the written agreement
So, Hamas has 48 hours, or else. Never mind Abbas has had since 2007. People need to see what's going on here for exactly what it is. Nothing more than Abbas/Israel and the USA sabotaging Palestinian unity and Democratic elections to keep the Abbas Agent Dictator in office for as long as they need him.


Anonymous said...

It is now up to the Palestinian people to vote their spineless puppets out of office. however I doubt this will happen, you see the reason why the Zionist are strong is because they all stick together unlike the citizens of Palestine

Irish4Palestine said...

I agree, Abbas needs to start representing his people instead of Israel, but I do not belive that is a possibility, he's too in debt to Israel for too many years. Time for him to go but not sure how the Palestinians can be rid of him as he's supported by the US and Israel. Also General Dayton is there looking after him for America.

it's a real dilemma for Palestine and Hamas. Political situations move and change and we can hope for some situation to arise that can be useful to ousting him.

Anonymous said...

Muhamed talking from Gaza

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