28 October 2009



Yes, it’s none other than Hamid Karzai the current Afghan-American President. The US government must have decided that Karzai and his brother are “Past Their Sell By Date.” And now want to replace them with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, enter the fresh new face of “change” who has now suddenly and obviously morphed into Obama, judging from his website :

"I’m asking you to believe not only in my ability to bring about necessary change and hope in our beloved country, Afghanistan. But I’m also asking you to believe in your own potential to change to course of our history

Boy does that rhetoric sound familiar. Whilst I personally believe both Karzai AND Abdullah are both “American” men, Karzai’s inability to win outright, along with all the “baggage” that comes with Karzai, his links and his family have all become too much to carry for the US.

Now, for years Ahmad Wali Karzai has been one of those fellows who exist within the murky area CIA/Drug Trade/Politics. Hamid and Ahmed both have ties to America as there are five other siblings living in the US running a very “lucrative” chain of Afghan restaurants all in large US cities; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Francisco, California. I note one is in Maryland. And the siblings have daily conversations with their brother via his satellite phone.

IN May 2009 Ahmed had yet another attempt on his life. reportedhere:
Wali Karzai was returning from a trip to the eastern city of Jalalabad, where he went Sunday to thank Nangarhar Gov. Gul Agha Sherzai for not running against his brother in this summer's presidential election.Southern Afghanistan also sits at the heart of the booming heroin business, and local and international media reports have alleged that Wali Karzai is involved in the opium poppy trade.
Ahmed also leads the provincial government council in the southern city of Kandahar where the offices were attacked, six killed, but not Ahmed Karzai:
six people were killed and at least 40 wounded when a suicide bomber driving an oil tanker launched an attack on government buildings in southern Afghanistan. A brother of the Afghan president who was in one of the offices was unhurt, officials said.

The blast occurred on a road between the main intelligence office in the southern city of Kandahar and a compound used by the provincial government council. The council is led by Ahmad Wali Karzai, a brother of President Hamid Karzai.
So, to go in for the kill, a new piece in the New York Time which I pilfered from the Timesonline, has thrown Ahmad Wali Karzai and effectively Hamid Karzai under the bus via his CIA-Ops linked brother, here's the report:
President Karzai’s younger half brother, long accused of links to the drugs trade, was embroiled in fresh controversy today after The New York Times reported that he had been on the CIA’s payroll for the last eight years. (And suddenly this comes out right now)

Ahmad Wali Karzai had been paid by the agency for services including arranging contacts with the Taleban, and helping to recruit an Afghan paramilitary force in the southern city of Kandahar where he lives, the newspaper said.

He was also paid for allowing the CIA, U.S. special forces and the local militia, called the Kandahar Strike Force, to use a large compound outside the city — the former home of Mullah Omar, the Taleban’s founder, it said.

“He’s our landlord,” it quoted a senior American official as saying. A CIA spokesman refused to confirm or deny the claims which are highly embarrassing for both President Karzai and the U.S. government.

Ahmad Wali, who heads the Kandahar provincial council, confirmed that the CIA, U.S. special forces and the local militia used the compound, but denied receiving payment from the CIA, or having any involvement in the drugs trade.

He admitted, however, that he received money for “expenses” from his brother, the President, saying he did not know where the funds came from originally.

The report is damaging to Mr Karzai as the Taleban and other critics often accuse him of being an American puppet and allowing Ahmad Wali to run Kandahar like a personal fiefdom.

The CIA has long favoured cooperating with local strongmen -- many of whom it helped to fight the Soviets -- regardless of their alleged role in war crimes or the drugs trade. It sees some as potential middlemen in negotiations with the Taleban.

Western diplomats and counter-narcotics officials have repeatedly held up Ahmad Wali as a prime example, accusing him of involvement in the drugs trade, and even asking President Karzai to dismiss him.

Ahmad Wali, 48, has also admitted living in a heavily fortified three-storey mansion house belonging to Haji Azizullah, a notorious drugs trafficker from Helmand province.

Azizullah has been on the US Treasury's list of Specially Designated Nationals, with whom US citizens are banned from doing business, since June 2007 because of his involvement in the drugs trade.

Ahmad Wali has told The Times he had no idea about his landlord's connection to the drugs trade when he moved there in 2001. He said last year his salary was 17,000 Afghanis (£175) a month and, while he had other sources of income, he did not want to discuss them.
I think we can now all see who America is now backing in the Elections, the New Afghan "Obama" Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, so great they had to name him twice.....