20 November 2009


You're gonna love the end of this post, but let's start the story here: Bill O’Reilly the islamophobic embarrassment to his Irish Ancestors, at FAUX news station last December, had a go at a Jewish caller to his “program” as well as tossing an insult to Head Zionist Abe Foxman of the ADL. One sure way to piss off the “FOX” Christian channel is to dare to disparage “Christmas”, that is a serious “no-no” and that is when the love affair with Israel ceases to be. Christmas is a “no go area” as far as Bill is concerned, it’s strictly hands off the Holidays:
link Bill O'Reilly, host of "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel and a national radio program, angered some Jewish lawmakers and organizational leaders on Dec. 3 when he suggested that a Jewish radio caller angry that Christmas is celebrated in public schools should "go to Israel." When the Anti-Defamation League demanded an apology, the host responded by calling its national director, Abraham Foxman, "a nut."
So, last year Bill-O called Foxman of the ADL "a nut!" and attacked a Jewish caller?? But this year we can expect no trouble at all, because there is a “Holiday Hasbara Team” in action, more on that in a minute. The rest of the long article(above)is a compilation of Jewish Kids in American public schools whinging and complaining about Christmas like this:
"The school wants to recognize all of the holidays, but if the candygrams are decorated with a little bear or something, the bear is wearing a Santa hat," Roth explained. "The spirit of the whole thing is very Christmas-like." (Evil Candygram Bear!!!)

While older Jewish students find ways to combat the December dilemma, the fact that Christmas is king in school is not lost on the younger set. Taylor Gottbetter, a second-grader noted that his classroom calendar "is decorated with the most famous holiday in December -- Christmas."

(Let's get radical) “If anyone's going to make a big deal [if Chanukah is not equally recognized at school], it's me, and the school knows it," said the 17-year-old, who wears a yarmulke to school each day.(sounds like a future member of the IDF)
But, not to worry, the ADL to the rescue. They have come up with a “Handy Dandy” little list of what is “Acceptable” and “not acceptable” in “American” Public Schools:
To assist public schools in dealing with the December holidays without favoring one religion over another, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) provides public schools with materials and information on how to keep public recognition of the December holidays constitutionally permissible.
Never mind though, as this year we have the “Holiday Hasbara Team”, and it has now swung into action this year to head off any possible trouble. And in doing so have created what I would call “double trouble” as in “Double Gift Trouble” Santa better get to work! Because the "Chosen Ones" want Christmas Gifts from Christians.....Now, let me preface this by saying I’m not a religious person, but many of my family and friends are. My granny can name every single Catholic Saint in under 10 seconds, which I believe to be an international World record. And to have a Zionist “interpret” what Christmas is to Christians is a wee bit much. That’s like a white guy telling a black guy he “understands what it’s like to be black.” The writer (below) is “telling” American Christians, that Christians don’t “really” celebrate Christmas because of “Jesus Christ” AND he has determined single handedly, that Christmas is not “really” a Christian holiday, therefore to be inclusive to Jews, Christians should buy Jews Christmas presents (a Jewish gift list selection is provided for Christians to use when selecting gifts) Here’s the “Chutzpah” check the last 2 lines, it’s off the “Chutzpah Scale”
Being Jewish on Christmas isn't nearly as bad as you think. Case in point: myself. I was raised in a Jewish home in which we celebrated Christmas morning—tree, mall visits to Santa and all—until I was 9 years old. I didn't even know that it was a religious holiday until sometime in the third grade. And since Jews have such an affinity for Christmas, it's important not to exclude your Jewish friends from your shopping list. Here are some gifts that will make them plotz*:
see the list and full article here And I just want to be certain to point out the URL this guy gave to his "article" so I'm pasting it whole here: http://www.nashvillescene.com/2009-11-19/news/holiday-guide-2009-have-a-jew-christmas-what-to-choose-for-the-chosen-people/

Absolute Chutzpah! Notice what it says? "have-a-jew-christmas-what-to-choose-for-the-chosen-people"

Sorta reminds one of the Palestinian situation, Zionists expecting more than everyone else, double the land, and double the holiday gifts. So, does this mean all Christians can now expect presents and gifts from Jewish people when Chanukah rolls around? Nah, we’re not “Chosen and Special”


Saladin said...

Hahaha,what a pathetic man this abbas is!Realy he is very sad man.



Saladin said...

Never thought I'd live to see the day I actually cheered Bull O'Lielly!

Saladin said...

I didnt wrote this second coment irish.
I dont know how the rules are,but i think its not good that the 2 persons are using the same nickmane on 1 forum,thats stupid and dont make any sence because that way no one can know which one wrote what comments,and i personaly dont want to see my nickname beside other person,i dont want that to be asociade with the views or coments of that person,how much stupid or good they are!
i think that its not fair that 2 persons have the same nick name on 1 forum.

this happened to me on the desertpeace forum aswel,someone wrote something with the nick saladin.
ok i dont want to say that the nickname saladin is my brand and that nobody has a legal right to use it,but again i tell you,i dont want that some people think that i wrote some coments,because the name saladin appears on the screen,when in fact that wrote some other person.

please reply irish,so i can know what to do.


Saladin said...

Well done new york mets!!thats the way to support your terorist country!

go usa!show us how you are "the best democracy"in the world!


Saladin said...


good night irish.

Saladin said...


I guess this kind of news are not important anymore to the muslim world,not to mention the rest of the world!

What a pathetic has the muslim world become!Constantly talking about the west who hates them,but never bodered to look in their garden and figure out that all the plants are dead!
ooo how its easy to just bable all the time and do nothing!how its easy to speak about the allah outloud,but on the other hand look the misery of their brothers and do nothing,just incredible!
What a hypocrits!!
Sorry my muslim friends but your behavior is very pathetic,from the begining of the israeli occupation you didnt do anything and you are not doing anything today!Shame on you!
But you will probably be very angry when some day al-aqsa falls down,and you will pretend that you are so angry and depressed by that,but the fact is that you dont care!
Its very pathetic that you say that you are in "war"with the usa and israel and that you hate them,but in the relity you are all their slaves!
Yes sadly the al-aqsa story will be very soon over...........
Pray to allah that he will forgive your treachery,......although you will not get it for sure!

Saladin said...

Well done abbas,congratulations,looks like you are going to be the president of palestine forever!
The fact that your term has expired long time ago and that you dont have anymore any legal grounds to even talk to the reporters,not to mention to decide about the future things in palestine,doesnt matter in the end,who gives a damm about the democracy and laws right?

Ups sorry this whats happening in palestine curently is democracy,because usa and israel support and praise the curent "democratic"situation!
Sorry everyone,i am realy stupid,if usa and israel said that then it has to be the truth 100%sure,sorry people my mistake.Forgive me please!

Recive my sincere appolgies mr.netanyahu and mr.obama,it wont happen again,i trust you 100%,everything you say its true.
go usa,go israel!,show all of us primitive cave people what is the democracy,please help us,its not our fault that we dont understand it,we are in the end very primitive people!


Saladin said...

I am very "proud and happy"that we have the NATO,its realy great feeling to know that the NATO forces are so good and that they always fight for justice and help us all to sleep better!this is something that they probably pick up from the israelis,but why not right?the terorist are friends with terorists,it will not be logical that the terorist are friends with the normal people.
as long we have NATO there is no chance that the evil will prevail in the world!


For sure the "democracy"from the west is in full swing.

Saladin said...

You egyptians are realy very pathetic and twisted people!it would be better if you start to behave like normal persons and put your energy into helping your brothers from palestine who love you and count on your help,but you betrayed them big time!
hey just an idea egyptians.................OPEN THE RAFAH CROSSING PERMANETLY AND HELP THE STARVING PEOPLE OF PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just an idea.....


Saladin said...

Looks like israel is getting bored with their court jester,and his time is ending.
I am realy interested when the PA in the future will be dismantle who will be the next jester.

hamas for sure wont,you will need to find another zios!


seansmom said...

when he suggested that a Jewish radio caller angry that Christmas is celebrated in public schools should "go to Israel."

hahahahaha! The ugliest man on TV can't help but be funny once in awhile with his blurbs like GW Bush!

Saladin said...


do you think irish that Marwan Barghouthi will be included in this swap deal,if of course this ever happen in the first place?

Saladin said...


Saladin said...

Yeah "democracy"is on full flow again:fifa ruled out the posibility to repeat the france-ireland game!!
Long live sport "democracy,long live FIFA!

Saladin said...

This is the first time in 5 years I've ever run across another Saladin on a blog! I've been using that name for years, it's my maiden name as well. To the second Saladin, it appears our views are much the same so don't worry, two Saladin's are better than one! Peace

Saladin said...


Irish4Palestine said...


I agree!! Two saladins are better than one, brilliant answer, loved it!

btw apologies for my absense over weekend, doing more gaza stuff helping people who will be traveling there

Saladin said...

Hello Saladin,its Saladin.lol!
I think that i didnt wrote anything rude on my coment there,so please dont take anything of that in a wrong way,although i see that you didnt so its not a problem:)
Peace to you also:)
I am just saying that maybe its silly that 2 people with the same name are writing on 1 blog,but looks like we are booth stubborn,so looks like the names are staying put,lol!
Ok you have a picture that goes with your name and i dont so at least 1 diference betwen us.
Regarding our views,i dont know are your views the same as mine because this is the first time i saw you coment here,but we will see.

stay good saladin.

Saladin said...

did you got my message which i wrote to saladin?
because somethimes i send a coment and forgot to look up and see does it say that the message is sent to blogger approval,so please if i didnt send you that message inform me so i can write it again.


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