19 November 2009


Yo Yo, I da Bad Ass Rabbi from Salford, Yo, wassup bro....

There is "comedy" in this, you'll spot it:
A rabbi financed a drug-dealing business and offered cocaine to girls in exchange for sex, a court heard.

Rabbi Baruch Chalomish, of Upper Park Road, Salford, rented an apartment where he could "relax and have a party", Manchester Crown Court heard.

Police raided the Salford flat and discovered a total of 101 grams (3.6oz) of cocaine and more than £17,000.

His business partner Nasir Abbas, 54, has failed to turn up for the trial and is being sought by police, the court was told by Michael Goldwater, prosecuting. (Amazing, can't resist the pun here, but look Abbas working with the Israelis again LOL)

"Our case is that Abbas and Chalomish were dealing in controlled drugs. "They were running, we say, a commercial cocaine supply operation from an apartment-hotel in Shudehill, Manchester.

"Rabbi Chalomish also had a substantial store of drugs, cocaine, and cash at his home address."

Drugs paraphernalia was found in the bedroom, including about 6g (0.2oz) of cocaine, rolled up banknotes and credit cards.

Mr Goldwater said the purity of the cocaine varied in strength from 29% to 82%.

Cutting agents to dilute the drug were also discovered, along with about £2,400 in cash, he said.

The trial continues.