10 November 2009

Freudian Slips and the New Shah of Palestine

Netanyahu & Clinton Make Freudian Slip
And Abbas becomes the “Shah of Palestine”

Yes, Irish4palestine is today coining the phrase "The Shah of Palestine" when referring to Abbas. If you want to know how much of an important American/Israeli puppet-agent the “I’m stepping down, but not going away ever” Abbas is, just check the “love fest” coming from Netanyahu and Clinton.

Freudian slip, or outright Chutzpah, whatever it was, when Netanyahu was speaking at his recent visit to the “United States of Israel” where he addressed members of the “General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of (what was formerly) North America.” After praising all his minions, arm twisters and bought politicians, he went on to make remarks addressed to former Palestinian President Abbas (the one who quit but won’t go away) Netanyahu made the following statement, can you spot the problem? (Hint, check out the red section)
link “Israel is willing to make great concessions for peace but there is something I will never compromise on, and that is Israel’s security. We have to ensure that weapons do not flow into the West Bank - we cannot permit another Gaza in the heart of our country. What we want is durable peace."
Did you catch that little bit there? Netanyahu refers to the West Bank as “our country.” So either he plans on continuing “joint rule” in the West Bank with his puppet Dead President Abbas, or he is just outright claiming it all for Israel. Either way, so much for a Palestinian state, that Freudian slip speaks volumes. Israel will have it all, a grand leafy, lush, modern expanded state, and the so called “Palestinian State” will be a ghetto subdivision prison in the dry, dusty, rubble, waterless, sealed off areas of Israel’s desert slums. Additionally there’s more “love” for Abbas:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged President Mahmoud Abbas to immediately re-launch peace talks in a speech in Washington on Monday.
Typical Israeli bullshit. Every Palestinian that ever attempted to create ANY sort of peace plan with Israel has always been labelled as some sort of “Evil Palestinian Terrorist Hell Bent of the Destruction of Isra-hell” including the Christian liberal Palestinian moderate Hanan Ashwari. But now Israel finally has a partner it can control, and Netanyahu wants to continue to deal with his lackey who’s failed negotiating tactics and failed political strategy has given Netanyahu more and more land, allowed Israeli security and American Military personal in the form of General Dayton onto Palestinian soil where they have remained for years. Continuing to carve up the last piece of cake, leaving only the dry crumbs for Palestinians to “possibly” call home one day when Israel is done with its expansion and setting up of total control of all Palestinian areas.

But it’s not just Netanyahu that remains loyal to Abbas, take a look at what the AIPAC owned Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had to say:
link US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday she looked forward to working with President Mahmoud Abbas in "any new capacity" after he announced on Thursday he would not seek a second term.
So, is this the new American foreign policy then? To continue to work with unelected politicians who no longer have the support of the Palestinian people? Oh I just remembered this is not “new” American policy, it’s actually “old” American policy. Think Shah of Iran………….


Saladin said...
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Saladin said...

Good article IRISH!
But lets make this even funnier,shall we.........



Looks like the whole world is conserne about their puppet may resign.
They probably telling him:
"Come on abbas,stay and continue to trow away all the palestinian rights,this was our aragment abbas,stay and finish the palestinian dream forever"

and abbas is saying:

"Dont worry my dear friends,there are plenty more traitors from my party who will do everything you want,no problem my friends"

and then blair says:

"ok then,you know abbas you got me scared for a moment,i thought that if you resign we will not be able to find any new traitor who is wiling to sell out the palestinians,but thank god,there are still many "good" palestinians who will do the same"

and then abbas:

"as i said,no problem tony,just remember to send them big money compensation on their private accounts before you agree everything with them"


"ooo yes abbas,its a good thing you remind me about that,i will call my zionist masters to send money to them"


alejkum salam,my friend!we will see each other soon in some fancy british restoran"


"ok mahmoud,but you a paying the dinner."


"why me?"


"because mahmoud you have much more money then i theese days,those zionist realy made you bloddy rich!"


"no,thats not true"


hahahaha,mahmoud you jokes are killing,you are such a funny guy!"

abbas:(laughing)i was just joking tony,of course i will pay the dinner,i have so much money that i dont know on what to spend it anymore,hahaha!Mabye i buy myself a private island in dubai."


"with an amonut of money you have know you can buy whole dubai!haha!"


"yes tony maybe i do,but i deserved all that money,i was working very hard to protect the zionist interest and because of that i am very proud!"

tony(with happy blinking eyes)

"of course you deserved it,our masters will be pleased!

cheer io o my good friend abbas.may god protect you and keep you safe from thoose hamas terorists!"



Saladin said...

Hahahahahaha this is even more funnier!!


I am becoming so inspired by this idiots that i will real think i maybe i can write some satiric book about everything whats going on,and try to find a publish to publish my book.

realistic bird said...


Oh yeah that's him, the shah of Palestine. He is illegal and unconstitutional yet he wants to quit, just go! <_<

Saladin said...

Well the list of zionist slaves is getting biger every day:


Bravo norway,you are truly a "great" democracy!!

You can pick up you check from the zios tomorow morning.I think it would be a big one!

Saladin said...


Mafish Filastin said...

There's no such thing as "Palestine".

And there never will be.

Irish4Palestine said...

Well hey there Zionist asshat Mafish Filastin

Can I just call you "fish" for short then?

Let me explain something, you try and keep up now, I know it's hard and all with your inherent room temperature IQ and all:

Israel was created by a UN resolution, in fact it was your little prison patch that didn't exist and was created, sorta like swine flu in a lab, only in the UN.

By the Way, how does it feel to live in the most hated country in the world?

enjoy you life in Prison Israel, soon none of you will be able to travel outside your prison for fear of being arrested for war crimes,

have a GREAT day:)

Anonymous said...

It won't be good for the Palestinians in the area either but the African rift one day is going to go. No runways for planes, possible meltdown of Dimona, general chaos. Many of the Isrealis are heading for Georgia now anyway.

Lord Jesus is going to appear on the the mount of olives and he is going to be pissed this time around.

nolocontendere said...

Netanyahu is a stain. Fortunately the war criminals can't go anywhere in the states now without protest.

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