11 November 2009


Awe look, Israel admits what we already know; Israeli's are terrorists, Israel is a breeding ground for terrorists and terrorism, people surrounding the terrorists support the terrorism and everyone is happy, except the victims of the terrorists:

If the arrest of Yaacov 'Jack' Teitel, an alleged Jewish terrorist living as a settler in the West Bank raised questions about the level of communal support such an individual receives, a new publication confirmed that his views are far from exceptional.Vita Bekker, reporting for The National said: "A book published this week by a radical Jewish rabbi from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and endorsed by prominent religious right-wing figures suggests killing any non-Jew, including children and babies, who pose a threat to Israel.

"The book's publication, just days after the arrest of Jewish settler Jack Teitel, who is charged with a string of killings, including two Palestinians, reflects a growing antipathy towards Palestinians among Jews living in the occupied territory.

"Michael Warschawski, the founder of the Jerusalem-based Alternative Information Centre, said the book went public with a concept that was already being promoted in a quieter way by dozens of settler rabbis in internal community newspapers and speeches."He said: 'The thinking in the book is quite widespread among settlers. A substantial number of them have a very deeply racist philosophy against any non-Jews, and, more concretely, against Arabs. This is a racist book that in other countries would lead the attorney general to open a probe against the authors.'

"In The Forward, J J Goldberg noted that waves of shock and alarm have been rolling through Israel in the wake of the November 1 arraignment of Mr Teitel. "Police and other officials call it the latest case of the elusive malady known as Jewish terrorism.

"Security sources tell reporters that the case is unusual, perhaps unique, because of the suspect's apparent ability to operate undetected for years, executing a string of well-planned attacks seemingly single-handedly. Also unusual is his wide range of alleged targets: not just Arabs but also left-wing Jews, Jews practicing Christianity and possibly gays.

"The case has prompted a flurry of Israeli soul-searching and finger-pointing. Liberals claim an atmosphere of messianic religious nationalism makes West Bank settlements a breeding ground for extremist violence. READ IT ALL HERE


Saladin said...


Saladin said...


What do you think irish?

There is no way that hamas sucede in putting theirs(palestinians)requests in this araggment,so whats this,if this is basicly the same araggment then.........
dont know.........

Irish4Palestine said...

a lot of it I believe has to do with the section on "security" inside Gaza which calls for people to be sent into gaza IMHO

Dublin Mick said...

Sometimes there is some good news!

Washington Redskin cheerleader Desiree Jennings who was crippled by the flu vaccine makes amazing recovery using natural health care remedies.





November 8, 2009

Desiree Jennings is the 26 year old cheerleader and marathon runner was who severely crippled with a neurological disorder diagnosed as dystonia in the wake of taking the seasonal Flu vaccine (that government officials and pharmaceutical shills keep telling us is "safe").

Don Nicoloff mentioned to me on the phone tonight that he heard an audio clip from a radio show in which Dr Rashid Buttar of Huntersville, North Carolina, the physician who helped Desiree detoxify her body of the POISONS given to her when she got vaccinated with the saving Swine flu vaccine, explain how he applied intravenous solutions including chelating agents, anti-oxidants, nutritional support, and NATURE-BASED anti-viral compounds over a period of 36 hours which resulted in a stunning and amazing turnaround for Desiree from the seizures she was experiencing nearly EVERY MINUTE, with no ability to talk, and unable to breathe for 10 or 15 second intervals when first carried into his clinic.

You can hear the entire story from Dr Buttar himself in this radio show interview with Robert Scott Bell On October 25, 2009

Saladin said...




Dublin Mick said...

You know Irish I would really be interested in your opinion on this one.


The Blood Typing Farce: Nearly 95% of the population, who have blood type ‘O’ and ‘A’ which are the thinnest blood and lowest blood volume, and blood type ‘B’, have copper deficiency, due to slow poisoning from blood thinners, alkaline & acidic chemicals (any non-neutral), copper binders, and copper antagonists, that they have completely and thoroughly saturated the food and food chain and water sources with. These are in addition to wireless radiation and vaccine poisons which are quicker and more effective methods for depleting copper, and are primary methods for expediting our death. These poisons have altered and damaged the proteins/DNA of the blood and other tissues of the body, with the damage (and deficiency) passing down through the generations. Starting in 1996, the copper depletion rate was significantly increased and coincides with the onslaught of GMO foods, chemtrails, wireless technology, increase of diseases and debilitating symptoms, weakened immune system, and decreasing lifespan.

It is important in providing a balance of the numerous alkaline and acidic nutrient minerals. A balanced pH of 7.00 is present in blood type AB, which is the only normal blood type, while the pH of the alkaline blood types (A/O) was set up to 7.54 in 2005 and the pH of the acidic blood type B decreased further by the same date. Lifespan decreases as blood pH moves further away from 7.00. The desired population reduction rate was set up by increasing the pH level of the alkaline blood types to 7.54, while decreasing the pH of the acidic blood type.

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