13 November 2009


In Israel: War is Life~Life is War

I came across this article from Haaretz. The overall jist of the article is all about how Israel must investigate itself in order to disprove the Goldstone Report. But, what I found to be quite stunning within the article, actually had nothing at all to do with what the article was really about, e.g. the Goldstone Report.

No, for Israel it is not the Goldstone report, the UN, Iran, Hamas, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria or the never ending list of nations and people Israel doesn't like. No, the problem exists with Israel. And it can be seen clearly within sections of the aforementioned article which I have posted below. That "problem" is the fact, the very sad fact, that for Israel "War is Life, and Life is War." It is what they do, it is all they do, jump from war with one, to preparing for war with another. Israel does not know how to be anything but an armed aggressor,a serial killer, continually looking for its next victim. Existing in a perpetual state of "impending war." Note the ease and "manner of factness" the writer of the article talks about the "Next War" as if it is always inevitable? There can be no other way, there must always be another war. The serial killer is never satisfied, on to the next victim:

The Israeli reactions to the conclusions reached by the Goldstone Commission about Operation Cast Lead are characterized by large doses of affront and anger. But the issue of the next war is no less important. Justice Richard Goldstone, who conducted his investigation on the basis of a clearly ideological approach, effectively operated as an "unknowing agent" of Tehran. (sorry but LOL at that insanity) The practical significance of his report is that Israel is liable to wage its next war, against a more serious threat than the one posed by Hamas, with its arms and legs shackled. (translation: a fair fight, rather than merely using white phosphorous on civilians he means) Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi AshkeNazi this week told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Hezbollah is in possession of missiles with a range of 300-325 kilometers.(And 1. Israel has the 4th largest army in the world and 2. Lebanon has the right to resist Israel aggression)

The need for an additional Israeli examination of the events in Gaza did not dissipate after the publication of the Goldstone report, and it goes beyond the growing danger that suits will be filed against IDF officers abroad. (Only against the War Criminals)

The report, which is being quoted everywhere and already almost constitutes a binding document, does not change the essence of the threat that Israel will confront in another round of fighting, in Gaza and especially in Lebanon. The next round will likely be more intense than previous campaigns - more rockets of higher accuracy and greater rangelink

The Serial Killer is not done yet, It wants another victim................


Saladin said...

Ups now the american goverment is telling a diferent story unlike last 2 weeks.
They are changing their mind every day.
So who knows maybe after next 2 weeks they will say:we think that whole palestinian people must live in the state of israel.

They are just playing with the minds of the palestinians like this is some computer game,not reality!
While in the reality people are starving,tortured,abused in all kind of ways and murdered!!


The most importnat quote from the article:

"A Jewish state of Israel, with which America retains unbreakable bonds, and with true security for all Israelis; and a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967, that ends the daily humiliations of Palestinians under occupation, and that realizes the full and remarkable potential of the Palestinian people," he added.

Also IRISH,can you please tell me what do you think about this one:

"When he declares independence, Abbas should call upon the Jews living in the state of Palestine to preserve the peace and to do their part in building up the new country as full and equal citizens, enjoying fair representation in all of its institutions."

This is the part from this article:


Does this guy thinks that when abbas declared the palestinian state the israelis from the illegal setlements in the west bank will be a part of that state and will continue to live there....

or he says when abbas declared the pal.state in 1967.borders that those zionist terorists will have to go to israel to live and there will be a state in 1967.borders for the palestine people only?

If its a first situation then this guy is insane!!

What do you think my frined?

p.s. did you get my coment i send you regarding the speech of nazi general of the zionist army,or maybe i send it wrong and you didnt get it?

Saladin said...

More usa "democracy":


Saladin said...

This is for you IRISH,if you didnt see it before.

This site is very very important if you ask me.

You can publish this if you want,i think it would be a good choice if you do that.


well see yaa!:)

nolocontendere said...

There's absolutely no getting around it. The Israel entity was born by murder and deceit and that's how it lives. It's run by murderous, deceitful psychopaths who view everyone else as sub human enemies and who hide behind judaism like crooked politicians who hide behind the flag.

Dublin Mick said...

8 More Dead In Sweden From Swine Flu Shots Comments from a Swedish Citizen," I personally hope that the Russians will intervene, using GRU assault brigades to take control of Sweden if the WHO tries to force stuff here. I prefer Russian occupation to dealing with our scumbag Quisling traitor government agencies."

"We can under no circumstances let the enemy divide and conquer us. Rebellion must spread quickly and across all nations that have a traitorous government allied with the WHO."

They are not happy campers.


Saladin said...

Good day IRISH!:)





Dublin Mick said...

They never quit


Saladin said...

Hi irish:)

Is anybody who you know going to this march?


Also another usa-zio puppet speach:


see yaa!

Saladin said...


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