08 November 2009


Israel’s “so called” left party Kadima, says “I haz a plan” to end the conflict.

"Israel will lead and will not be led. We will stop occupying another nation."~MK Shaul Mofaz, Kadima Party
note from wiki: Kadima was originally founded largely to support the issue of Ariel Sharon's unilateral disengagement plan, and classified itself broadly as centrist and liberal
Curious about this "plan to withdraw from Palestine?" So, do you want to see what "liberal" is in Israel? "Think Swiss Cheese" no, make that "A tiny wee slice of swiss cheese" see here:

1. 60% of West Bank AND Gaza goes to Palestine, so, Palestine gets to actually keep 60% of what has been left after years of Israeli land theft, Israel gets to keep 40% of what it "recently" stole, after it's last theft in 1967

2. A demilitarized Palestinian state, note the word "state" not country. So Palestine gets to be a shitty little unarmed subdivision of Israel, instead of a sovereign Country.

3. 90% of Palestinians will live in this 60% area which Israel has decided will be Palestine. Pack your bags people! You're all going on a trip..................Don't forget your sunglasses, you'll be needing them in your new "outdorsey" location called "Tentsville"

4. "evacuation-compensation bills will be passed" All displaced, evicted, de-housed homeless Palestinian refugees will get a token "Shekel" for all their troubles. Hmm, wonder what type of spending spree those compensated Palestinians will go on. Probably all be lining up for one of those new fangled "tent homes" we see spreading across Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.........

5. No settlements will be evacuated. But, Palestinains will be allowed to drive by on day trips, "from a distance" to view and take pictures (like tourists) of the lush green water abundant oasis' settlements on their land, before returning to "Tentsville." Wow the left is "so left" in Israel, Peace man, far out! Power to the people, pass that peace pipe sister! Here's the "Plan":
MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) on Sunday presented his new diplomatic plan for the formation of a Palestinian state in 60 percent of the West Bank, followed by final border negotiations.

The time has come to make decisions. As a candidate to lead the country,

Mofaz called for a demilitarized Palestinian state, setting Israel's permanent borders. "Israel will lead and will not be led. We will stop occupying another nation. We must strengthen Israel's position internationally.
As a first step, the Palestinian state will be in 60 percent of the West Bank and Gaza. 90 percent of the Palestinians will be there and no settlements will be evacuated."
Upon creation of the demilitarized state, Mofaz said that permanent, defensible borders will be negotiated while evacuation-compensation bills are enacted. After the negotiations and the implementation of understandings, the two states would implement agreements on core issues like refugees, Jerusalem, and borders.(Or what's left of them after this "plan") link


Saladin said...

Hello IRISH!:)
i hope you will have time maybe today to reply on my coments 4 days ago.
Its pointless to coment on this article because this discusting proposals by the "left" terorists are apsurd,and everybody need to ignore this and keep going in the direction of libereating palestine!

this is interesting,check it out:


see yaa irish.

chuckyman said...

Here we go again - Oslo Mark II.

The one thing Israel craves and will never get is recognition of its “right to exist”. The victims must agree to their subjugation. It is yet another delaying tactic to enable the continued theft of more of Palestine. Thankfully the underlying fundamentals that have upheld the Israeli “experiment” are dissolving like a turd in a vat of vinegar.

I did laugh when Kadima are called a left wing organisation. Left of whom – Genghis Khan? This left , right description of politics is merely a frame of reference for the kabuki theatre of modern political discourse.

The limits of Fractional reserve banking systems (AKA usury) are straining under the weight of their impending collapse. The never ending river of dollars from America will slow to a halt as the value of the dollar plummets. If for no other reason than this Israel’s days are numbered.


Saladin said...


Anonymous said...

I had a short conversation with an American Jewish member of Peace Now awhile back. She was explaining her husbands idea of "fair". This included the concept of letting (yes, letting, giving permission) Palestinians "earn" their freedom, one step at a time. First they must do this, then they must do that. With each step successfully completed, they get points I suppose. Once enough points are accumulated, Palestinians get their "freedom". In the meantime however, things go on as they are now, Gaza remains under seige, settlements continue to grow, PA money remains in Israeli hands, unlawful detainment, etc. etc.
This post reminded me of that conversation. Freedom, the intrinsic human right, will be turned into a board game. Some solutions from the "peace camp".

Irish4Palestine said...
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Saladin said...

Ok my friend.
The work for GAZA people is definetly more important then answering my questions.:)
Keep up the good job IRISH!:)
you will answer them when you have time,no problem.

see yaa!:)

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