04 November 2009


Truce? What Truce! Ceasefire? What Ceasefire! Amazing how the IDF, on orders from the Zionist government, are continuing a war against Palestine and nobody notices??? This has gone on for months, it never ends. There are daily incursions into Palestinian towns, on Palestinian soil, outside the borders of Israel. That's called an invasion, a war, a continued agression.
Israeli occupation forces , have arrested at dawn of today (4/11) one Palestinian citizen in Jenin , while it was started several attacks against the citizens in Tubas in addition to the several areas of Jenin city .

Also, eight military vehicles raided the town of Burkin, near Jenin, and were stationed in the west neighborhood of the town, and arrested the young Mohammed Hamdan (30 years) and took him to an unknown destination after searching his home using sniffer dogs.

Israeli forces also stormed back to the cafe, owned by Ahmed Daraghmeh in the town of Tubas in the late evening of yesterday, and taken them out in to the air, and started to search with their contents , and there is no arrests were reported . link