20 December 2009


Who says crime doesn't pay: Here's proof: Christian Zionist Fanatics team up with “Israeli Child Killing Unit Supporters” to give 6.2 million to ZOA murderers as Chanukah gift.
link Soldiers get NIS 6.2 million in 'Hanukka Gelt'

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews will donate NIS 6.2 million to thousands of lone soldiers and soldiers in need as part of its Hanukka Gelt initiative, the group announced on Thursday.

Working together with the Friends of the IDF (IDF child killing unit)and the H&O fashion chain, this is the third year the IFCJ has run such a project.

"With this grant, the donors to the IFCJ, non-Jewish supporters of Israel, express their support for Israel and its soldiers, as well as their concern for the security of the state."

The project will provide 10,000 soldiers with "Fellowship Cards" to buy clothing in H&O stores around the country. Combat soldiers will receive NIS 1,000 and the rest will receive NIS 400 each. Distribution of the cards, which will be valid until May, began this week.

Itzhak "Jerry" Gershon, director-general of the Friends of the IDF, which provides education programs and other assistance to all IDF soldiers, welcomed the initiative.


nolocontendere said...

Looks like the poor darlings will be well clothed. Obama's generous gift of our tax dollars will make sure they'll be well armed.

Irish4Palestine said...

HI Nolo, yes, isn't this just so assbackwards. People in Gaza are the ones traumatized, in need of warm clothing and aid. Instead these so called "christians" join with oterh murder supporters and give money to the "poor" israeli serial killers.

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