14 December 2009


Is Anti Semitism making comeback? No we’re just pissed!! I’m getting sick and tired of the rubbish coming from Israel and it’s never ending cries of “anti-Semitism.” Anti-Semitism is racist, whereas attacking, criticizing and being outraged at a country (as a whole) and those who support the actions of a country, that wilfully and spitefully ignores international law and commits egregious humanitarian abuses and crimes against humanity, these things are not Anti-Semitism and the continual attempts by Israel to link the two are growing old.

Does Israel “get it” that their continued actions are creating the anger many of us are experiencing? Evidently not, as they are planning on having their “Experts on Anti-Semitism” from around the world (America no doubt) converge in Israel for a, you guessed it, a conference on combating Anti-Semitism. Instead of addressing the problems within Israel that anger the majority of the world’s population, they instead continue down the path of attempting to legislate away and control our civil rights and freedom of speech regarding the public opinion people have about Israel and its supporter’s actions. Yeah, that'll change my opinion of Israel...............not. This phrase springs to mind: Stupid is as stupid does. After reading the plans below, I will pose a question for members of this Anti-Semitism Conference, sorry that should read “Controlling the Media” Conference:
link (this article written by former ADL member, of course) Leading experts from around the world will gather in Jerusalem this week for the Foreign Ministry's Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism where there will be much sobering discussion.

This year witnessed an upsurge in violent anti-Semitic attacks unprecedented in recent times. Perceptions of the 22-day defensive war in the Gaza Strip in December 2008-January 2009 certainly triggered this most recent spasm of worldwide anti-Semitic activity, but that event in and of itself cannot explain the phenomenon away. It was the way certain media covered the event that was the key factor. (see where they are going with this?)

The US was practically the only global bright spot with respect to anti-Semitic attitudes and incidents in the past year.(The only country totally owned by israel)

CLEARLY, THE media plays a leading role in nurturing and solidifying such beliefs. While many in the US strenuously believe the American media is biased toward Israel, in fact the press in the US is quite tame and balanced in its depiction of Israel and its Jewish majority compared to its counterparts in Europe, Latin America and the Arab world. (wonder why.....)

In a landmark study of Europeans As media outlets proliferate via satellite and 24/7 cable TV, the platform for spreading anti-Israel views (telling the truth) and consequently anti-Semitism (criticism) has increased exponentially.
So, it’s just the fact that some news stations actually report the real news that angers Israel. Israel thinks all news channels should behave like the American ones and be pro-Israel. After all, the ADL has taken over the job if censoring YouTube of any content it deems un-helpful to Zionists. They have a strong foothold in Face book as well. Additionally Israel has just begun a pogrom of training an army of bloggers to “take us out” online. So I say again, we’re not Anti-Semitic; we’re pissed off and sick of Israel infiltrating into our freedoms, our news stations, and our online social networks. Not to mention our Governments and politicians. So, since criticizing Israel is “anti-Semitic” and making an analogy between the Israel of Today and the Nazi’s of yesterday is also considered Anti-Semitic, even though it is a case of “If the shoe fits” scenario. What will this “Anti-Semitic” conference have to say about this: Ooooopsie.......Pot-Kettle-Black
Zionist Jews harassed on Israeli campuses

On university campuses in Jerusalem, those Jews who most identify with the Zionist mission of resettling the land in line with biblical precepts are being compared to history's most vile enemies of the Jewish people.

Members of the right-wing student group Im Tirzu (If You Wish It) told Israel National News that left-wing, liberal student groups have begun to openly harass them.

The left-wingers use Nazi symbols and calls of "fascists" to identify their right-wing counterparts.
So, will the ADL be targetting these Jews charging them with Anti-Anti-Anti-Semitism?