31 December 2009


UPDATED , reports now suggest that the woman died of a heart attack HERE
Original report below:
LINK Organizers of the Gaza Freedom March in Cairo reported the death of Marie Renee, a French citizen, from injuries sustained at the hands of Egyptian security forces during a demonstration with the Gaza Freedom March on Thursday, sources said.

Earlier reports of the assault of two women and a man participating in a demonstration outside of Egypt's government buildings by local police were confirmed by Ma'an, as activists refused to leave the area without permission to access Gaza.

Reports said the woman died in the Cairo Hospital. She was traveling with a French delegation of approximately 300 nationals.
Things are getting very ugly now, recent tweets:
Mike from Scotland was beaten up in Egypt along with many others for standing up for #Gaza

French Protester's Death In Cairo Spreading Amonst Freedom Marchers-Anger-More resolve Egypt may have ignited spark. Unstable situation #GFM


chuckyman said...

Keep your spirits up Irish. You and all of the people in the convoy are in my prayers


Saladin said...

US military engineers supervise building of the wall of death:


Saladin said...

Egypt allows 86 activists to enter Gaza without aid trucks.

Without aid trucks!!!!


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