22 December 2009


And now for today's post on collusion, which also in a round about way involves Iran, Hamas, Israel, America, the CIA and guess who? Abbas…….he's the "key" to it all.

Check this nonsense out; Earlier I read a story on the Gilad Shalit deal. Nothing much in it except who was making the statements (which was odd as it was not Israel or Hamas), then, what was contained in the last paragraph, tucked nicely away in the Shalit article was a little surprise. Within the end of the article a statement was made that said Iran gave Hamas 250,000 to thwart any unity deal with Fatah. I first wondered why it was contained in an article about Shalit. I also wondered where such as statement would come from IF true. Surely the Iranians would not report this, even IF it “were” true. Surely Hamas would not report this, even IF it were true. So, given that this “wild statement” fits nicely into the Israeli/American demonization of Iran and Hamas, the Democratically majority elected Government of Gaza, I wondered who would have made such a statement and on what authority or inside knowledge.

To be honest, it sounded almost like America wrote the statement itself. However, the statement was made by Abbas. And what is Abbas doing? Working with American General Dayton and the CIA in the West Bank, kidnapping and torturing members and supporters of Hamas. And what is America giving to “Palestine” or should I say, the Abbas/Dayton/West Bank? Why $500 million in cold hard cash to go to Abbas/Dayton and “his” Palestinian security forces that work with the CIA torturing Palestinians. Oh my. Now the statement Abbas made on the supposed money from Iran to Hamas makes perfect sense…………….first this, and take note of the additional comment regarding the new “American/Egypt” wall. More after this:
link The Palestinian president also told the paper that Iran had given Hamas $250 million in order to thwart inter-Palestinian talks with its rival, Fatah, which Abbas heads. Abbas also expressed support for “steps taken by Egypt on its eastern border with Gaza”, referring to a steel security fence the country plans to erect in a bid to cut itself off from the Strip. “This has to do with Egyptian sover-eignty,” he said.
Yeah, never mind Palestinian Sovereignty, it's up for sale to the highest bidder. And here’s the money and collusion part:
link United States President Barack Obama signed the foreign aid budget law for 2010, which includes $2.8 billion in aid for Israel and $500 million for Palestine. Palestine will be given $500 million for the first time, which includes $100 million for the training of their security forces. General Keith Dayton is in charge of the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank.

However, as Ynet News reports, Palestine will only be given the money if their government accepts the conditions of four international bodies: the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, which are recognizing the nation of Israel, condemning violence and accept former agreements with Tel Aviv.
Abbas accepts the blackmail with glee. Feeling sick yet at the US demonizing of Iran, whilst America sucks up Iranian knowledge for their own benefit whilst delivering sanctions and planning possible war? And then there is the massive collusion between Abbas/Fatah/Israel/America/CIA? All the rhetoric by America about ending CIA torture, what happened to all that “Hope and Change” we were promised. And all the rhetoric by Abbas, about wanting “so called” unity with Hamas, pointing the finger always at Hamas for the lack of unity. When in fact, the sole reason lies at the feet of the illegal overstaying, never leaving, Egypt wall supporting, CIA torture supporting, propped up American/Israeli puppet Abbas. He works with those who oppress his people and supports the further oppression of them by supporting the next apartheid wall in Egypt. He’s a money grubbing, corrupt traitor, nothing more, and Bush never left the Whitehouse either…….