29 December 2009


And he's got much praise for his Egyptian lackey Mubarak. Israel is pleased with Egypt and has praised Mubarak for supporting "peace" after beginning construction on the US/Israeli/Egyptian DEATH Wall, Er, I mean Peace Wall. No doubt the "peace" that will come when the last Gazan dies of IDF air strikes or starvation with the full assistance of Mubarak and his Death Wall built for Israel.

So, the Wall pays off for Mubarak, who has his own agenda of trying to be the big man who brokers "peace" or a "prisoner swap." And since the Prisoner swap is now off the books due to the Zionists unwillingness to allow the prisoners to return home, that leaves the "peace" deal. Which in fact is nothing but capitulating to every whim of the Zionist occupying force and screwing over their fellow Arabs and Muslims in Palestine. But hey, it keeps Mubarak in the news, and that's the most important thing, to him anyway:
link Egypt - Israel's prime minister on Tuesday presented Egypt with ideas for restarting Mideast peace talks, impressing his hosts with proposals that go further than past Israeli positions, Egypt's top diplomat said.
And looky here, a new pay off deal just made with the USA for Egypt to purchase $1.6 BILLION worth of US made F-16 fighter jets. Maybe Egypt wants to start shooting at Palestinians as well.