24 December 2009


God has a message to Christians and Jews about his Muslim Religion:

My children, have you learned nothing from me? what are you doing to yourselves? I gave you life and “free will”, and you have squandered my most precious gifts to you.

Today, three of my religions are giving me great sadness. Today I am angered that two of my religions have decided to fight against another of my religions. Moreover, that two of my religions have joined ranks to exterminate another of my religions.

I have watched for years now, growing more and more disheartened as you allow men to twist my teachings and use my religions as means to advance YOUR evil earthly causes. And yes, I created all the religions on earth, they are all mine. I am the “one” and I do not make mistakes. Try as you might, you cannot understand my reasoning as to why I would create multiple religions, under different names. I created you to be different from one another on purpose. Why would I plant a garden with only one flower? So why would I create a world with only one type of person or Religion? Just as a garden filled with hundreds of different flowers is pleasing to the human eye. So a world filled with different people, cultures and religions is a beautiful thing to behold. I was proud of my work, but you were not.

I, as your all seeing and all knowing creator, foresaw all the needs of each of my peoples, and allowed those needs, ways and cultures to develop a religious practice that best suited their needs at the very beginning of their religious awakenings hundreds of years ago.

The Jews call me “God” and their religious book is called the “Torah.” The Jews needed to feel “chosen” at the time of their religious beginning. I welcomed this because I knew they were to be tested in a future holocaust of great proportion. I did not expect them to become so filled with pride because of the word “Chosen” that one day they would rise up and replace the evil which once fought to destroy them, by attempting to destroy another of my religions. I gave man free will, to think on his own and to make decisions, but I expected my "Chosen" ones to take the horrible lessons of the Holocaust and go out into the world as leaders against future evilness and bigotry. This was your legacy, could you not see this? You were meant to be the “chosen” ones who would fight for an inclusive world for all my religions. You were not meant to use the word “Chosen” in order to be “above” all my other religions. This was not my plan for you.

But you instead went the other way, using your free will. I am saddened by this because today you must live the daily fight to hide your crimes and explain away your actions to the world. This was not how it was meant to be. Instead of teaching the good that came from surviving the Holocaust, Jewish men have perverted my Jewish Religion and created Zionism, a new religion that I, your God, did not create. And for this, you will now suffer at your own hands, due to your own free will that I gave to you.

And for Christians; they called their religious book the “Bible” and they needed a “Son of God” so I gave them Jesus. This does not diminish me as the “creator” or the “One.” I allowed you to create many "Christian" leaders in your earthly world. Because I believe there can never be too many true messengers of God on earth. However when earthly so called Christian men calling themselves “my messengers” then use their free will to pervert my religions to support evil, this is when I am angry. I have harsh words for my Christians. You have allowed, over time, for men to overshadow my religion, to pervert my teachings. You have learned nothing from me, and these men are not my true messengers.

You have allowed these men to change my Christian religion to a man made "Christian Zionist" religion and join it to another man made religion called Zionism. Also you have allowed these men and their ways to further pervert my Christian religion, by creating a new man made addition to my religion that states those who do not belong to the “new” Born Again religion are some how lesser beings and will not enter Heaven. These men do not speak for me, nor is this true. This is a man made addition to my Christian religion, I did not create this. For as I speak, I can assure you that all of my children, from all my religions, and even before religions were created by me, back to the Stone Age, they are all here with me. And why should they not be here with me, after all, I did create each one of them. And they did not have to pass a man made test created in the 21st century of your world to enter my kingdom and sit with me. They only had to believe in me in their hearts and live good lives and try their very best to live my words. You so called Christians of this “Born Again” man made religion, you cannot judge for me who enters my Kingdom, only I can judge that. It has nothing to do with your “Born Again” test. I am displeased that you have exalted yourselves into the deciders of who shall enter my Kingdom. You insult me.

Muslims called their religious book the “Koran” and I welcomed this, for they are still my blessed teachings. The Muslim people needed a prophet called "Muhammad" and I welcomed this. The Muslim people needed to call me “Allah” and I welcomed this, for I am still the all powerful being, no matter which name any of my religions assign to me. A name consists of only letters, nothing more. It is what the name represents that is important and all the names represent me, the “One” the “Creator.” I am the “one” under any name. This is how it should be. I do not make mistakes.. Why have my Christian and Jewish Religions not learned this? And why do they turn against my Muslim religion?

To my beloved Christians and Jews:

Rest assured, that using the “Free Will” that I, your creator gave to you, many of you have made grave mistakes, and have used my name and some of my religions for evil earthy purposes. Move away from your man made Zionist and Christian Zionist religions which are poisoning the diverse religious garden I created.

You lost your way when you allowed the free will of men to pervert my Christian and Jewish religions and use them for evil reasons. You allowed the acts of a handful of Muslims on 9-11, who used their “Free Will” for evil, to then demonize the entire Muslim religion. I did not create “Zionism” or “Christian Zionism.” Man created these aberrations. And because of your new 21st century “additions” to my Christian and Jewish religions, you have waged war against my Muslim religion. A religion that I created and love. You have done this for no other reason than it served your worldly “free will” needs of power, greed and war. I created the Muslim faith, just like I created the Jewish faith and the Christian faith. They are all flowers of my Garden, and you are attempting to destroy one of my flowers.

As you sink deeper into the abyss of your man made religious war, disrespecting my creations, some of you believe this is my will. That in order to enter Heaven you must join with the Jews in some Holy War. This is a lie created by man in a new Christian Zionist created religion. Should you continue this path you should realise this is not my will you are carrying out, but you are doing this using your own free will, by your own choice, not God’s. You will not be rewarded for bringing forth a joint Zionist/Christian Zionist man made Armageddon upon the world I created. This is not an act befitting true followers of me. This is instead an example of what “free will” is capable of when used for evil.

I created your differences so you could learn from each other, so you could realise what my teachings truly meant. So that you would one day realise that no matter what religious route you take, each of you will ultimately arrive at the same place. This is what you were meant to learn.

As I speak to you today and look around me in Heaven, I see ALL my beautiful people I created, each religion, each race, each culture and each colour is represented, they are ALL here with me. This is as it should be in my everlasting Kingdom of Heaven, and it is how it should be on the earth that I created. This is the lesson you should have learned.

As your creator I say to you, it is not too late to become the people I hoped you would become. Remember I always leave a window open, so I created men with the ability to forgive; it was one of my finest achievements and is part of my best teachings. Teachings that lately have been ignored by those who claim to follow my ways. These teachings can be found in all my religions, please put them to use now, before you destroy the Great Diverse Garden I created. People want to be loved, they want to be equal, and this is my lesson to you. When you work to achieve this, you not only work for me, but you help make the world the Garden I intended it to be. Plant your seeds now, before it’s too late.



marchtowar said...

Great text. But, as God says, "I do not make mistakes," he then makes one by saying that a "handful of Muslims [did] 9-11." Dear God, please investigate 9-11 a little bit deeper than that. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas or should I say Emperor Constantine day?

The best guess is Jesus was born somewhere around April or May

realisticbird said...


Muslims believe in all the prophets including Jesus (peace be upon him). No matter what some differences came with their teachings they all had the same aim of believing in One God and to do good on this Earth and prevent evil. It is saddening and disturbing to say the least how some people who claim to follow these teachings have done the exact opposite.

As Mick said it is not really known when Jesus (pbuh) was born but whatever the date happy birth of Jesus (Isa) and happy holidays all!

Peace to Earth

Saladin said...


Hasan Odeh said...

Dear Marchtowar,

i think in my opinion that the text or the writer meant by that, is the Muslims or the religion are not always taken by, and referring to the part of the life where the human is able to chose part or his future by making up his mine and the other part with his destiny, here you destiny that you born as a Muslim but your choice to eat your breakfast or not!.

this text is really nice, almost all talking with the God words, although this text is written by a man but he reflected the true image of what the "Garden" (this life) should be.


Irish4Palestine said...

@ Hasan Odeh

Salam, and many thanks for your comments.

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