07 December 2009


Well, well, Israel is picking a fight with Europe. Why? Because the EU will be voting on declaring East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine, which, it is. Ban Ki Moon of the United Nations says so:
link Jerusalem must be the capital of two States – Israel and Palestine – living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all, if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today.
And even the Americans are “asking” Israel to stop building illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. Asking nicely is all Obama can do, because they dare not piss off the Israeli Lobby by saying more. Still, even the Americans surely know that East Jerusalem is not up for grabs by Zionists and that Palestinians will never agree to such a deal.

Whilst this may not pass within the EU, people still should not be disheartened, here’s why; Each one of these attempts to hold Israel accountable are very important, be it this one, or the many attempts to arrest and convict Zionist War Criminals and yes, even the Goldstone Report helps. You see, even if we loose out on them right now, with each attempt, Israel is once again “in the news” and NOT in a good way. They have to come out and fight each one, displaying strong arm tactics for the entire world to see. And this gives the world a perfect glimpse into how Israel operates, which in turn only further infuriates people who want to see Israel treated like any other country, in other words, “not special and above the law” So, back to today’s report about the Zionist Militia coming after Europe:
link A senior political source defined Monday Sweden's attempt to declare Jerusalem the capital of Palestine as an "underhanded move by Stockholm, a mere moment before its term as head of the European Union is over. We are making efforts to thwart this move at the highest diplomatic levels."
Sorry but I love the wording of this hasbara above. According to Israel someone in a position of power cannot make decisions if their term is ending soon? So does that mean that when Bush agreed to allow Israel to commit mass genocide in Gaza during the upcoming change over to the Obama Administration, does that count too? Was that “wrong and underhanded” as well? Of course it was, but it was fully legal, even though it was underhanded. I love how Israel attempts to dance around words. More:
The European Union's foreign ministers are scheduled to convene in Brussels later Monday, ahead of the EU meet scheduled to take place in the city on December 10. The agenda for the second day of the conference is said to include the Balkans, the Middle East peace process and Iran.

As part of the discussion about the Middle East, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is expected to put forward a pro-Palestinian motion which includes an article declaring east Jerusalem the capital of the future Palestinian state.

Sweden's new stance has enraged Israel: The Foreign Ministry launched extensive diplomatic efforts to counter the move, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman have discussed the matter with their colleagues.
Shall I translate the above paragraph for you, sift through the hasbara? What this means is that they will begin calling on to the carpet every single EU member that they can arm twist in any way shape or form. Be it with-holding international contracts, schemes, money, support, donations, you name it. Anything Israel has in the pipes that can be withheld and used as a battering rod over the heads of certain countries and members. This is how they work, blackmail, like the mafia. And below we see what Israel wants to "change" in the statement, after removal of the offending issue of East Jerusalem. Why they want a "compliment" what a laugh it is:
link there has been heavy lobbying: "Israel is pushing for a text much shorter than the three-to-four-page Swedish draft, and one that would commend Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's housing-start moratorium in the settlements and urge the Palestinians back to the negotiation table
Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon added that "the Europeans will not dictate the results of the (Israeli-Palestinian) peace process.
No, sadly we cannot do that, however, we CAN endorse the FACT that East Jerusalem IS an OCCUPIED area that BELONGS to PALESTINE and WILL ultimately BE the CAPITAL of ANY future PALESTINIAN STATE. Which, I hate to inform Israel of this, actually IS what the MAJORITY of the WORLD’S population SUPPORTS. Even if their blackmailed Governments don't. And we CAN do that much, if we choose to and our elected officials have the "chutzpah" to do it! Unfortunately for Israel it does not have the same amount of clout and control and blackmailing capabilities in Europe as it has in America. Thank GOD for that. More:
The Swedish initiative is dangerous and it may hinder the efforts to resume negotiations by radicalizing the Palestinian stand.
Yet more “silly” words from Israel. I’d like them to expand on that insanity regarding “radicalizing the Palestinian stand” should the EU endorse this position on East Jerusalem. As if Palestinians do not already hold the never ending belief and never wavering demand that East Jerusalem IS the Palestinian capital, only it is currently under illegal occupation. Seriously, Israel makes itself look stupid with such moronic statements. More:
"This initiative is also against the principles of the international community and the Quartet's decision calling on both sides to hold direct negotiations."
The “Quartet” does not “really” exist, it is not a “quartet” but rather an American controlled arm twisting posse that is merely a “replacement and extension” of Israel.