11 December 2009


No other words to describe these non-humans other than racist Nazi terrorist swine. Zionist illegal settlers have attacked the main mosque in the Palestinian West Bank town of Yassuf. The attack took place after 4AM prayers when they entered and spread accelerant then set it alight. This after writing racist graffiti on the walls of the Mosque. I watched the live report on television and was horrified at the damage. Prayer carpets destroyed, all the books in the Mosque Library destroyed including all the Korans.

Zionist terrorist police protection forces have now surrounded the village, no doubt to protect the illegal settler terrorists. This is not the first time the Illegal Occupying Zionist terrorists have attacked Palestinians on their own soil. 3 months ago 9 cars were destroyed, a Palestinian was run over and the sheep of Palestinian farmers have been attacked as well. I live for the day these swine are dragged kicking and screaming off of Palestinian land, evil sub human cretins. Here’s the report:
LINK Assailants vandalized a Palestinian mosque early Friday, burning prayer carpets and holy books, and leaving behind Hebrew graffiti indicating the rampage was the work of settlers angry over Israel's plans to curb settlement construction.

Israeli settlers have repeatedly attacked Palestinians and their property in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to scale back settlement building under U.S. pressure. They call the attacks the "price tag" policy.

The assailants entered the village of Yasuf in the northern West Bank before dawn Friday, according to Israeli police and Munir Abushi, the Palestinian governor of the district where the village is located.

They burned prayer carpets and a book stand with Muslim holy texts, and left graffiti on the floor reading, "Price tag — greetings from Effi." Effi is a Hebrew name.