28 December 2009


I want to preface this with GREAT CAUTION until actual verification can be confirmed. There is a rumour going around on twitter that “some” of the Viva Palestina members boarded a small boat to collect some Viva Palestina Palestinian flags that were in the nearby water. The tweet claims they were either fired upon or something was dropped near them. The original tweet is below, however, there have been many re-tweets of this original tweet, hence the rumour spread. Again I say take this with caution as no confirmation is available. I’ve emailed Presstv and AlJazeera asking for a reporter to investigate this. I would urge others to do the same.
Twitter link

Marls2000 viva_palestina Viva Palestina Volunteers tried to get into boat to collect viva pal flags and bombs were dropped #Gaza waiting for more
To contact AlJazeera use this link and then click the "send feedback" link on the right sidebar. To contact PressTV take THIS link. Just ask for one of their reporters to confirm or deny this rumour.

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