08 December 2009


From our friends at SilverLining. We see yet more examples of the racist policies of Israel. Apartheid anyone? More examples after this:
Tue, 08 Dec 2009, Press TV
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to build a wall on the border with Egypt to prevent African migrants from changing Israel’s racial balance.

Netanyahu believes building a wall along the southern borders with Egypt is an “unavoidable and strategic” measure, which Tel Aviv must take to ensure that thousands of migrants do not cross over from Africa, Israel’s Maariv daily reported Tuesday.

According to Maariv, the prime minister sees the migration of Africans as a problem that may escalate in the coming years and disrupt the demographic balance of southern Israel.
There can be no other words or description for this. It is pure racism in it's most vile form. Sadly for the State of Israel, this is nothing new as reported in Haaretz more examples of racism and bigotry. Blacks, Arabs, Gays, Russians, Ethiopians, Single Parent families, the Disabled, all discriminated against:
linkBasic rights in Israel are increasingly conditioned on the identity and gender of those who seek to realize them, according to the annual report which the Association for Civil Rights in Israel is releasing Sunday. The report describes a reality in which Arabs receive education, work and maybe citizenship only if they serve in the army or perform national service.

Similarly, those who seek to live in some communities will be allowed their right to housing only if they fit a description which excludes Arabs, Sephardim, Russians, Ethiopians, religious or disabled people, as well as single-sex and single-parent families, according to the report.

Crackdowns on protest against Operation Cast Lead earlier this year was described in the report as "a trend of infringement on the freedom of speech of individuals and organizations which passed criticism on the government and the authorities." The report says that during Operation Cast Lead, the police "limited freedom of expression with the backing of the attorney general, dispersed many legal demonstrations and withheld permits from others for illegitimate reasons that pertain to the political content of the demonstrations."

The clause on anti-war protests also said that hundreds of demonstrators were arrested and called to be investigated. In some instances, attorneys from the State Prosecutor's Office warned in requests for arrest extensions that if defendants are released, they "might continue to express their opinions and demoralize the public."

In addressing treatment of foreign workers and asylum-seekers, the report listed what it defined as "racist" statements by Interior Ministry workers in connection with the activity of the Oz immigration unit. This included Interior Minister Eli Yishai's warning that foreign workers will "bring a multitude of diseases with them," and statements by a senior ministry officials who, in wishing the Oz officers good luck, quoted a saying which urges for the "eradication of evil from our midst."
You cannot defend the indefensible; Israel is a racist Apartheid state.


Saladin said...

Well, multiculturalism is for everyone, everyone that is, except for God's one and only "Chosen People" who must be kept pure and free of any and all racial impurities. Their poor constitutions wouldn't be able to withstand such an onslaught.

Anonymous said...

I see it now, an Israeli built, Eastern European ghetto, surrounded by walls, nobody can get in and eventually, nobody will get out either. THIS SELF IMPRISONMENT is all they managed to "accomplish" in 60 years? An ugly cement wall that symbolizes hate, fear and the horrific reality of the mess they have made in Palestine? All of this just to run into yet more miles of cement walls? Yes indeed, the dessert is blooming with whites.

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