07 December 2009


With a Sheleighly under mi arm and a Too ra Loo ra Li, this is a definite MUST READ, Op Ed by Chris Floyd of OpEd News. Brilliantly written, it spells out what America has become, what runs it and what it is “all about” today.
Our Western society quite openly embraces war as a means of solving problems, and for quite some time now has fashioned its entire social and economic structure around the preparation for war.

This is the system we have. It's right out in the open. There is a deep-rooted expectation – and not, alas, just among the elite -- that the world should jump to America's tune, by force if necessary. And when, for whatever reason, some part of the world does not jump – or bump and grind – to the Potomac beat, then it becomes a “problem” that must be “solved,” by one means or another, with, of course, “all options on the table,” all the time. And whether these “problems” are approached with blunt, bullying talk or a degree of cajolery and pious rhetoric, the chosen stance is always backed up with the ever-present threat of military action, up to and including the last of those “options” that always decorate the table: utter annihilation.

This is not even questioned, must less debated or challenged. America's right to intervene in the affairs other nations by violent force (along with a constant series of illegal covert activities) – and to impose an empire of military plantations across the length and breadth of the entire planet – is the basic assumption, the underlying principle, the fervently held faith shared by both national parties, and the entire elite Establishment. And if you want to have the necessary instruments to maintain such a state of hegemony, then you must indeed structure your society and economy around war.

Many nations – all vanished now – have done this. The Roman Empire was one. Nazi Germany was another. At great cost to the economic, social and political life of ordinary Germans, Adolf Hitler geared the state to produce the war machine necessary to assert the dominance in world affairs which he felt was Germany's natural right. One of his chief aims was to procure enough “living space” and natural resources in Eastern Europe to compete with America's growing economic might. The Holocaust of European Jews was, for all its horror, just a preliminary to the greater “ethnic cleansing” to come.

Today, we all recognize the inhuman madness behind this hegemonic ambition. We shake our heads and say, “Whatever evils we may be accused of, we have never and would never do such a thing.” Perhaps. But leaving aside for a moment the millions – millions – of African slaves and Native Americans who died in order to procure the living space and natural resources of North and South America for European peoples, it is clear that most Americans – the elite above all – can easily countenance the deaths of, say, more than one million innocent Iraqis, or upwards of three million Southeast Asians, without any disturbance in their sense of national righteousness, their bedrock belief that the United States has the natural right, even the duty, to assert its hegemony over world affairs.

And even today, the constantly asserted vow to keep the nuclear option "on the table" at all times means that every single action or policy toward a "problem" nation carries with it the explicit threat to kill millions of people – to outdo the Holocaust in a matter of minutes.

Can one really look at such plans and attitudes, and at the towering, Everest-like mountain of corpses produced by American polices – just in the last generation – and say that there is not also a form of inhuman madness behind this hegemonic ambition as well? Is this really a system that one can be associated with honorably in any way? What should we think about a person who wants to lead such a system, who wants to take hold of the driving wheel of the war machine, to use it, to expand it, to accept all of its premises, to keep all of its horrific "options" forever on the table, to feed it and gorge it and coddle it and appease it at every turn, while millions of their own people sink further into degradation and diminishment? THIS IS A THREE PAGER, READ IT ALL HERE


realisticbird said...


Not sure if you read this yet but Mr. Jadaallah has a good article about Obama.


What I can't understand about nations that seek power is that all empires fall when they get corrupted but still humans try anyway thinking "we'll be different". Go figure.

Irish4Palestine said...


thanks for that i'll have a read of it. On the power thing, you are so right there A Chara. Personally I believe that even someone who held the srtong belief that if they were elected potus they'd be different, even people like this once they get there are too afraid to make decisions that their advisors don't agree with, they instead go with the flow so they can be re-elected.

Obama has a huge problem he may end up being a one term potus if things dont change soon. Stalling is never good, it's far better to bite the bullet early one and jsut get it overwith where Israel is concerned if he'd have done that it would all be overwith now and after some flack it would eventually die down when people see it was the right thing to do. But he backed off Israel early on and has never returned to standing up to them.

I also think the the muslim world will be even more hatful of America after being tricked into believe the hype that obama would be different, he let them down, they'll never trust america again, and why should they.........

Irish4Palestine said...


yeah I read that yesterday, it's a good piece, and we should nto forget that Michelle Obama's brother is a rabbi.........

realisticbird said...

The issue is that we wait for help from others not that is a problem but just waiting and doing nothing has caused a case of learned helplessness like we expect one day a US president to stand by us. May be that will come some day but in the mean time we should be active try to return our rights and after long decades of helplessness it takes some time to get people to wake up especially when ones trying to help the Palestinians are always attacked whether by the Zionists or the Arabs and Muslims who couldn’t care less about the situation.

Eh?! I didn’t know that about Michelle Obama <_< thanks for telling me.

tc friend :)

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