18 December 2009


So, we are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the Gaza Genocide and posts will become very somber as we remember the horrific scenes and death. So before we begin the descent into sadness and remembrance we want to post this. So, without further adieu:

1. IDF Christmas Ornaments, if offered a set do NOT accept them and DO NOT allow Zionists bearing ornaments near your tree:

2. Wondering what to get your favourite War Criminal? Why, the IDF Terrorist Teapot, of course!

3. Remember when the Israelis arrested and jailed the cat for helping Palestinian prisoners? Well, cats, being great, intelligent, and wonderful creatures, have decided to take a stand in support of the intifada against Israel. They have created a massive uber “Cat Army” in support of Palestine against the Zionist Entity. For only £15.00 your cat can join in and have its own tank or plane, to launch land or air assaults.

4. What does an IDF soldier give his girlfriend? Why a rose in a pistol flower vase:

5. Some people get WAY too much into the Christmas Spirit. I tell you this is unbelievable, it's all "wrapped up"........... my favourite part @2:30 watch the whole video and marvel at the time it took to do all this, then ask yourself why is he living among us LOL:

Cat Abuse:

Ok, I’m done………


Anonymous said...

Is this link to the same Dispatches programme you talked about as being banned on youtube?

Irish4Palestine said...

Tribal:) yup its the link on the sidebar to the dispatches program it's just hosted elsewhere as youtube removed it there:)

seansmom said...

I was watching the kitty thing on youtube and just cringing...yech! My teenage daughter walks past and I tell her, wanna see a horrible video? She asks, if it's horrible why are you smiling? I said I guess because it's so horrible it's funny. I put the head phones on her and replayed the video. She thought it was adorable! I said but look how lame it is and she says well it's still cute! My daughter's so weird.

Irish4Palestine said...


LOL kids, you can't live with em, and you can't sell em on eBay LOL

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