16 December 2009


Livni's almost arrest has sent the cockroach Zionists scurrying in a frenzy, a true Kodak moment in time. The Zionist meltdown diatribe (below) from a New York Zionist paper gave me the best laugh I've had in weeks I must say. Just picturing those little Zionist fingers flying across the keyboard in an outraged huff the size of Texas. Gasp, how dare they treat Israelis like everyone else, how dare they! We are Chosen and above all laws. Hate to burst that Zionist bubble, but not anymore, enjoy and savour the moment:
link Sneak attack (first LOL moment) on Israel: British courts conspire to treat top diplomat as war criminal. Scenes from bizarro world (2nd LOL moment) Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni almost got arrested Saturday. And it happened not in Pakistan or Iran, but in Great Britain. (3rd LOL moment)

This bout of Israel Derangement Syndrome (4th LOL moment) unfolded when, at the request of Palestinian plaintiffs (note: they throw this former comment in as their way of saying how dare Palestinians be treated fairly under the law) a London court issued a warrant for the arrest of the former Israeli cabinet officer, who was thought to be visiting the U.K.

The court acted under the principle of universal jurisdiction, a concept meant to be reserved for the likes of Nazi commanders. (5th and best LOL moment) It says that when there's a crime so offensive to humanity itself, the criminal who committed it can be arrested anywhere. (Yup, isn't the law a bitch?)

The deranged plaintiffs (6th LOL moment) applied it to Livni because of Israel's three-week offensive in Gaza. What sickos. (7th moment deserves a ROFLMAO instead of merely a LOL)
Overall comedy rating 10 out of 10

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Anonymous said...

You'd never guess that the NY Daily News was owned by Jews would you?

I've read some hysterical outbursts in my time, but this one takes the biscuit.

I've written a piece about the Livni arrest case here:


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