06 January 2010


UPDATED I keep forgetting to add things I post on twitter to the blog here, sorry bout that but it's getting confusing. I heard that the convoy has been forced to accept leaving behind those 60 vehicles. Turkey will take control and possession of them, not Egypt. Also, Just got a message from the boys:
Thanking everyone for all their support yesterday. Everything OK here. We are leaving for Rafah within hours for 48 hour stay inside Gaza. Till we enter we won't know if it's true or not. Things are settled here now so all looks good. Will text when in Gaza.

The 5 Boys
More as we get it:)


Adam said...

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on the Convoy for their bravery & fortitude - GOOD LUCK today. Portsmouth & South Downs PSC members sent many emails and made lots of phone calls.

Every now and then I mail some sort of humanitarian pleas for action to ALL the people in my contact list (as I did last night). It makes me a little sad that the hit rate (people who actually DO something & let me know) is only about 1% to 2% - on a good day!

I also feel that I have lost friends over my "obsession" with JUSTICE 4 PALESTINE. Happy that I have made sum new friends through the PSC, but often sad that so many people just don't seem to care very much.

I just wondered if other people have these problems and sadness - maybe we should all just say bugger the people who don't give a shit and who ridicule us for our humanity and just accept that maybe we haven't chosen our friends too well. It's more difficult though when your three bothers, your wife and your young children (who can't understand a dad who isnt "Workin for the Yankee Dollar") can't approve....

Should we be egging each other on to regularly email EVERYONE we know over Justice 4 Palestine - I know many of you already are, I hope I'm not the only one who has this dilemma.

Also, I printed 10,000 A5 tent fold flyers which double up as (free) windscreen stickers with messages (50% of A5) "OPEN GAZA" & "PLEASE BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS" if anyone wants some for free, please mail me through www.ukfpi.org

Saladin said...

Great coment Adam!:)
God bless you!

Saladin said...

Btw Adam i totaly understand your problem about losing many friends because of your as you put it "obsession" with JUSTICE 4 PALESTINE.
I also lost many friends because of that,my parents are looking me like i am some insane idiot,i sence in my mind that my long term girlfriend is also thinking of braking ties with me because of that....but what can you,they simply dont have the ability to get it,their hearts are sadly very cold,its a very sad world we are living in.......
But what is the most amazing thing about all of this is when you tell poeple about palestine or any other part of the world where injustice is present people are anoyed by that,they dont want to hear anything about that,they dont give a damm,they look at you as you are some boring oldery alchoholic who just bable same stupid things all day...very sad.

hold on Adam,palestine will be free one day!

stay good:!

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