04 January 2010


Two things to report. firstly there is buzz on twitter about peoples passports being not returned after Egyptians take them and issue visas, this is NORMAL procedure. You get the passports back when you enter the gate to go through to Gaza. That's how it was for us. Next there is an update from the boys, a frightening one at that. They were in the process of flying to Al Arish when the plane malfunctioned and was diverted to Damascus where is is undergoing repairs now. Evidently people heard the noise in the air, scary stuff........
You wouldn’t t believe it. 1st flight at 4PM arrived Al Arish ok. We departed at 8PM been diverted to Damascus due to tech problems with plane. It’s genuine, people heard noise. Waiting for plane 2b fixed should be on way shortly still good spirits here. Expect to fly to Al Arish in few hours time.