05 January 2010


Ok I’m trying to calm down and gather as much information as possible. Here is the story from people at the scene. People we dont even know, who answered phones that belong to our boys who are missing right now! I need to preface this by saying that NONE of our boys can be located at this time!! One of their phones was answered by an Arabic man who found it on the ground and said the convoy members were currently under attack. Then later we tried to ring the other boys and got no answer either. Then we tried again later and ALL the phones were turned OFF they did not even ring! Later still, we tried Derek’s phone and a British lady answered named Pat. We do not know “Pat” she found Derek’s phone on the ground and answered it. She said that the whole thing happened when convoy members were still locked inside this gated compound, then suddenly a very large group of plain clothes “people” arrived at the compound with sticks and stones, they were then allowed into the compound by the Egyptians and began attacking the convoy members trapped inside with no where to go. The Egyptians then joined in the attack when the plain clothes vigil antes arrived and went inside to attack. “Pat” said people are hurt and on the ground.

“Pat” said she is unable to find any of our boys. She said there are injured people and she has been going round to help them but so far have not seen out boys, she will keep looking. We continue to try their phones but no contact. I can tell you that our people would be the type to keep their heads down and not get involved in attacking people. But when you are cornered into a fenced compound with no where to go everyone is a sitting duck target, even if you are minding your own business.

We are all so very worried here in Ireland and we continue to try to contact our people. We will update more as soon as we can.


Laura Durkay said...

Been following the convoy's every move. I was on the Gaza Freedom March and this attack makes what we faced look like nothing! Hope everyone is okay and tell them to watch out for the plainclothes guys in suits and shades; they are the nasty ones, worse that the uniformed riot cops who are mostly poor conscripts and often have no idea why they're even there. Stay strong, say safe; the world is watching you!

Kev said...

Hope the guys are all ok!!!


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is goin on, who are these people with the weapons, fuck the damn egyptian. it was trap. This damn bullshit is to scare any further help into helping the palestinians. God damn this fuckin world. A humanatarian convoy attacked. REALLY PEOPLE! REALLY!

Peace said...

Hello from Cork. I am thinking of you all and I am so glad to get the news. I will do all I can here. Be strong!!!! With love and solidarity

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