14 January 2010


Another guest post from Desert Peace....

The above photo (part of an ad campaign) is being circulated throughout the Israeli press. The organisation that sponsored the ad operates (for hungry Jews only) soup kitchens in every major Israeli city. Below is the ad in question….

Feeding the poor is a wonderful deed…..asking for contributions to continue this work is to be expected….. BUT…. the photo used is not one of a poor, hungry Jewish child. It is the photo of a child in Gaza at the funeral of her brother who was killed by the zionists during the blitzkrieg a year ago. The same child can be seen in THIS article that appeared in the Telegraph.

The following montage shows the child in the ad and the (same) Palestinian child.

click on image to enlarge

How could the zionists be so deceptive? Along with their beliefs that Palestinians are not human, do they also believe that they feel no pain or suffering? Do they see nothing morally wrong with using images of suffering Palestinian children to raise funds for ‘Jewish only’ charities?

I have no problem supporting charitable institutions, especially those that feed the hungry, but I would NEVER support one that would turn away a non Jew, especially one such as Meir Panim.

Just another example of the inhumanity of zionism and those associated with it.


Anonymous said...

You might want to consider doing the slightest bit of research before hysterically defaming charities simply for being Jewish.

"Our commitment is to the people of Israel and under no circumstances do we discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or religious observance."


Jack Steiner said...

but I would NEVER support one that would turn away a non Jew, especially one such as Meir Panim.

Where does it say that it is only for Jews?

Anonymous said...

I was in Lidl in Rathfarnham during the week, and they were selling cherry tomatoes. The shelf display said they were Dutch, but the packing of the product itself said they were Israeli. I rang Lidl and asked if they were from the West Bank, and the rep said he didn't know, but that they were Israeli tomatoes. How about a campaign of BDS aimed at Lidl till they destock Israeli produce?

sarasmom said...

Oh does the charity organization in question go and feed the children of Gaza and that's why they use the Gaza child's photo? I am a little confused about the comments.

Anonymous said...

This is a charity for Jews. The website says in its header "Jewish Charity Relief Centers"

Jews can be of many races, hence the reference. It is not a charity for Palestinians (even those living in Israel who are citizens) nor are there images of any charity work that depicts Arabs.

If you look at their website they have projects in settlements including Kiryat Arba in Hebron: http://www.meirpanim.org/branches_e.php

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