06 January 2010


The 5 Boys have arrived in Gaza!!! Sorry but we are celebrating here!!!! We watched them arrive with the ambulance on presstv, and then JJ was interviewed shortly after that, it was brill!! Having a wee celebration for one hour, than we will be back to post some videos to share with all our supporters!!



Suebanna said...


Glad they arrived safely!

sarah said...

Please give the 5 boys my heartfelt thanks for getting the ambulance and other aid in - and for enduring all that happened to them along the way. Tremendous courage on their part, I wish them a safe journey home.

Saladin said...

Congratulations to all members of a viva palestine convoy!!God bless you all people!!
Another batle is won,but to win a war the gaza crosings must be permanetly opened.I hope this will happen soon,and i also hope that many other convoys like this one will folow in the near future.

Today is a realy great day in my book!!

Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

I have been following this saga for the last week.Went to bed last night worried for the guys and prayed for them.
They can be very proud of their selfless actions which are noble. I wish I had their courage to face what they have been thru.
In besieged Gaza at last - thank you, thank you, thank you.
from a Dubliner.

Saladin said...

Well, the Self-Chosenites are defeated once again. HALLELUJAH! God bless you boys from Derry and my best hopes and wishes to you and the beautiful people of Palestine. Truth and Justice shall prevail in the end.

Peace and Blessings

Laura Durkay said...

Congratulations to all the brave and persistent folks on the convoy! Saluting you from the United States!

Anonymous said...

Yayayaya......glad they are there!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I am so happy that I wept!Thank the boys for me. And thank you Viva Palestina!

palestinalibre.org said...

Great News, a big congrats !!!

chuckyman said...

Wonderful news. A shining example of what can be achieved against tremendous odds. Well done to the Derry lads and all the heroic souls on the convoy.


trev said...

congrats to the men and brave people of Derry
hopefully this 2nd delegation from Derry is going to be the start of many more to come from
the heroic, brave and courageous people of Derry to their palestinian gazan counterparts.

god bless Derry and may god bless Gaza

Irish4Palestine said...

thanks to everyone for ALL your support!!! and for the GREAT comments as well:)

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