05 February 2010

al-Mabhouh Killers Are Taking The Piss

Really angry here. Israel tries to blame Ireland for murder. I’m just after reading the rubbish about the murdering scumbags who killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. The Zionist Supporting killers used Irish Passports to avoid suspicion and no doubt as some sort of insult to the Irish, who are staunch supporters of Palestine and have been for many years. No Irishmen would have been involved in such a disgraceful act. Additionally the Irish have good standing with Muslim people in the Middle East because we respect them. . People in those countries like the Irish, and to “some other people” this can be useful for nefarious reasons.More after this:
The assassins of senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was found dead January 20 in Dubai, traveled to the Gulf country using Irish passports.

Up to seven people were said to have been involved in Mabhouh's killing, four of whom used Irish passports to enter Dubai and who later fled to a "European country" after the killing, police sources in Dubai told the newspaper.
Very curious indeed. Many British who have ancestral links to Ireland obtain Irish passports to travel with because Ireland is a neutral country, we don’t go round invading countries or murdering others who are oppressed or have been oppressed like us.

Britain does not have this respect in the world because their armies are occupying the lands of Iraq and Afghanistan right now, and should the US venture into another war for Israel with Iran, the British will be right there as well. The tactic of using Irish passports to gain acceptance is well known. But here’s an example that happened months ago and I never wrote about it then because I was busy at the time, but it made me mad at the time and was very strange indeed. And note the curious nature of this report as well. Firstly, why such a huge operation for one journalist, secondly, note that 4 innocent people died in the operation to get one British “journalist” freed. The British journalist in question was using an Irish passport, not his British passport. See here:
LINK New York Times reporter Stephen Farrell was freed unhurt. His Afghan colleague Sultan Munadi was killed along with a UK soldier and two Afghan civilians.

Mr Farrell, who holds British and Irish nationality, was "extracted" by "a lot of soldiers", the New York Times said.

The reporter told his newspaper he ran outside with Mr Munadi, reportedly a 34-year-old father-of-two who worked as an interpreter with Mr Farrell.

He said Mr Munadi had shouted "Journalist! Journalist!" before he fell to the ground in a hail of bullets.

Mr Farrell said he did not know whether the shots had been fired by their rescuers or the militants.

The head of the Afghan Independent Journalists' Association, Rahimullah Samandar, told the BBC that the raid showed international forces did not care about Afghan reporters.

Mr Samandar said it was not the first time a kidnapped Afghan journalist had been killed while a Western colleague was freed.
I remember at the time there was quite a lot of backlash in England over this operation because a Brit soldier died along with the other three. Even British people were asking why this "reporter" was so important that he warranted such an operation to free him. Also, he was told not to go into that area, he went anyway. And this is not the first time he was "kidnapped."

One thing I know regarding this Dubai murder, is either those Irish passports were fake or people from a "European country" who have ancestral ties with Ireland used this to obtain Irish passports to commit murder for Israel and sully the name of the Irish. MORE HERE