02 February 2010

Culture of Hate

GUEST POST AND BIG WELCOME to Fikkyra, our new member here at irish4palestine. Fikkyra will be blogging with us here and is a Palestinian in Exile:
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon today (1 February 2010) participated in a press conference with the TaxPayers' Alliance, a London-based advocacy group, to highlight how international donor funds provided to the Palestinian Authority are being directly used for incitement and hate education. Source
He goes on to state that Fatah and PA invest funding in "education to violence". Later on, Matthew Sinclair gives examples of this alleged investment by pointing out that a lone Imam was calling for violence and hate on a Pa
lestinian Broadcasting Corporation television show. He doesn't name the Imam, the television show or provide a date that the show aired.

He reiterates that its the concern of all British and EU taxpayers because its their money that funds such hate speech. Naturally, "we must put a stop to this" is implied. But stop what exactly? Free speech or funding in order to further undermine the Palestinian cause based on very vague information?

I also would like to see a transcript to this alleged speech by a lone imam or better yet, a video of this program. I can speak and understand Arabic better than the average Zionist. I'd rather do my own translations on such matters rather than read Israeli translated lies in the subtitles.

I certainly don't condone hate speech but being an American, I value Freedom of Speech highly. In the U.S. even the KKK have a right to their 10 minutes of fame. Why? Its called democracy. Something that Israel has redefined first for itself and then for Palestinians.