25 February 2010


Throw the murdering, identity stealing, terrorists OUT of Ireland

I have been seething in regards to the Evil Rogue State's attempts to involve Ireland, a neutral country with a long history of support for the Palestinian people, much of it due to our shared history of oppression and struggle for freedom. I plan to write a post on this subject very soon, but for now the following article was published in Ireland and finally a decent response is issued, first this appeal:
link THE brother of the Palestinian leader assassinated in Dubai has called on the Irish Government to expel the Israeli ambassador from Ireland
(I agree!!)
The use of at least five fake Irish passports in the killing of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is an embarrassment to Ireland and an attack on its sovereignty, said his brother Fayeq.
(yes it is!!)
Speaking to the Irish Examiner yesterday in his home in Jabalia, Gaza, Fayeq al-Mabhouh said Ireland should lead the way with sanctions against Israel for the murder of his brother.
(100% agree!!)
"I’m asking Ireland first to participate with the investigation about the people who carried out the crime. And to find the real identities [of the assassins] to prove they belong to Israel."

"It [the use of the fake passports] will affect Ireland, it will affect the people and the Government."
(This is why the Irish Government MUST take on the rogue state who has now endangered innocent Irish people in their illegal operations outside of the law!)
"It will embarrass them and it is an attack on their sovereignty of Ireland to use such passports. We are asking Ireland to do something and it’s the time to punish Israel. We want them to condemn the action itself.
(it is a DIRECT attack on our sovereignty, and one that we will never forgive or forget!)
"We know that Ireland is a friend of the Palestinian people and they have the same experiences in their history.
(Yes we do, which is why we love the Palestinian people, and will continue to do what ever we can to help them. And why we will continue to oppose the evil rogue state until they get out of Palestine and make peace)
"Of course we are not asking for military action by Ireland against Israel but diplomatic actions like calling the Irish ambassador back from Israel or sending the Israeli ambassador back to Israel.
(Yes, let's get rid of them and their spies who stole Irish identities to commit crimes)
"We want such diplomatic actions against Israel."

"All evidence shows that Mossad were responsible for the murder. There’s no one else who had any interest in killing Mahmoud except Israel. All the evidence presented by police in Dubai prove that Israel is behind this operation."

Speculation is mounting that Dubai authorities will release proof that Mossad killed the Hamas leader, including credit card bookings made by the assassins and details of their phone calls.

While recognising that Hamas was listed as a terrorist organisation by the EU, he pointed out that like the IRA, the rulers of Gaza were involved in behind the scenes talks on peace. "We [Hamas] are having indirect talks with EU countries."

Fayeq was the last person to speak to his brother by phone, the night before he was murdered in a hotel room on January 20.

"As a family we have the right to know who killed him and have lawyers in different countries working on it and when they catch the killers, we want them to be brought to court."
Then there is this rubbish from the Free State morons:
LINK Fine Gael has called on Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin to brief the Dáil on the details of the case.

The party’s foreign affairs spokesman, Billy Timmins, said: “The Minister for Foreign Affairs must start getting explanations as to how suspects in an assassination overseas were able to use valid Irish passport numbers on fake passports and provide a bona fide Dublin address when checking out of a hotel.”

He added: “The Irish passport has great standing internationally and the minister must do all he can to ensure its status is not debased.

Speaking in the European Parliament, Labour MEP Proinsias De Rossa called on the Government to press the EU to put on hold current proposals to upgrade relations with Israel.

Mr De Rossa said: “The stealing of Irish citizens’ identities and the abuse of Irish passports by another state is a gross infringement of Irish sovereignty.

“It is not the normal practice for friendly states to abuse each others sovereignty in this way. One can only assume that Israel either has no regard for international law or holds Ireland and the other EU states affected in contempt,” he added.
This is NOT good enough! Israel stole the valid passports of innocent Irish people, in order to BREAK all international laws to commit murder, credit card fraud and identity theft! And FINALLY a DECENT reply from Sinn Fein:
LINK Derry Sinn Féin Councillor Gerry MacLochlainn has written to the Taoiseach to support an appeal from Mr Fayeg Al-Mahbouh, from Gaza for the Irish Government to act on the perpetrators of the recent murder of his brother, Mr Mohammed Al-Mahbouh, in Dubai.

Mr Al-Mahbouh said in Gaza yesterday:
"…the fraudulent use of Irish passports amounts to an attack on Irish sovereignty and to the Irish people.

"Ireland and Palestine have shared political experiences and I would like to thank the Irish people for your support especially your condemnation of Israel's war last year."
Councillor MacLochlainn in his letter to an Taoiseach said

"I am appealing to you to take up this case with the urgency dictated by its nature and circumstances. The extra-judicial execution of Mr Al-Mahbouh was an act of state terror and as such is as abhorrent as the SAS and RUC shoot-to-kill strategy which caused so much hurt and damage in the North.

"To carry out the killing in a sovereign country, Dubai, is a further contemptuous snub to international law. But not content with this the perpetrators used Irish and other passports to effect their attack. In doing so they assaulted our country, they attacked our neutrality and they placed our citizens in danger.

"If it can be proven that the Israeli government or Mossad carried this out then they have shown a flagrant disregard for our citizens and our country's sovereignty. They have attempted to implicate us in the squalid war against the Palestinian nation.

"As Taoiseach your Government must act. I am asking you to stand up for victims of state terror, defend our sovereignty and impose the severest sanctions on the Israeli state if this latest breach of international law is proven."
Throw the murdering, law breaking, identity stealing thugs out of Ireland NOW!