12 February 2010



Well, I wrote about these guys “J-Street” many months ago. I said back then that to even get “any change or movement” from an Israeli Lobby group in America was a SMALL start, considering how entrenched Israel is within US politics and foreign policy. J-Street claimed it was vying for Obama’s ear and that it wanted to see a new direction with regards to Israel’s actions in Palestine.
link Michael Oren stirred controversy last summer when he refused to attend the inaugural conference of the dovish pro-Israel lobby, and again late last year when he told a group of rabbis that J Street's policies endangered Israel
Now flash forward 9 months and looky here folks, why they have become “AIPAC Lite” :
"J Street has now come and supported Congressman [Howard] Berman’s Iran sanction bill; it has condemned the Goldstone report; it has denounced the British court’s decision to try Tzipi Livni for war crimes, which puts J Street much more into the mainstream," he said.
The only good thing about J-Street is that they HATE Christian Zionists:
link As the executive director of Christians United for Israel, I have had firsthand experience with J Street’s unfortunate tactics. J Street does not like CUFI and from the very beginning has sought to banish us from the pro-Israel camp.