15 February 2010

Tonge Speaks Out

When I first read about Baroness Jenny Tonge being fired because she suggested that Israel should investigate the rumors of organ harvesting in Haiti, it was in the mainstream press, who were out to make her look like a denier of the highest order if not completely insane as well as being pro terrorist because she publicly supports Palestinians. The interview below is a recap from Press TV.

Baroness Jenny Tonge, who was sacked from the British House of Lords over the weekend for alleged 'anti-Israeli comments,'has criticized 'the Israeli attitude towards the Palestinians.'

The Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman, an outspoken critic of Israel's inhumane conduct against the Palestinians, was promptly removed from her post on Saturday for comments she made to the Jewish Chronicle about Israel's role in human organ trafficking from the quake-stricken Haiti.

Tonge had called for an inquiry into claims that the Israeli troops and aid workers deployed in Haiti were involved in trafficking human organs.

Tonge said in an interview with Press TV that she saw people humiliated on a daily basis in the West Bank during a “life-changing” visit to the region in 2003, as if the attitude was to “make them crawl, make them suffer whenever you can.” Source.