20 February 2010

Tracking Rising Terrorist Acts By Settlers Against Palestinians

Lets not mince words here. When the settlers attack Palestinians they are commiting acts of terrorism, not mere "violence" or "activity" unless we form a consensus whereby the word "settler" is a synonym for "terrorist", which it actually is, we must not accept the simple description of their actions as mere violence. It shouldn't surprise anybody that terrorist attacks by these settlers are on an increase. We basically know this. I'm posting this to point out that the words used to describe this behavior need to change in order to accurately reflect the truth that Palestinians are victims of terrorism, state sanctioned, state sponsored, aided by the military and on proud display for all to see.

Bethlehem - Ma'an - A "rise in violence against Palestinian shepherds shows settler-military collaboration," the a report from the Hebron-based Christian Peacemaker Teams alleged Friday.

The group, with the motto of "getting in the way" of Israeli human rights abuses in target areas in the southern West Bank, has members stationed in Hebron and the village of At-Tuwani, 25 kilometers south of the city. The observers said they had been notified of attacks against Palestinians by setters 19 times in the last 19 days.

"In my experience, its typical for there to be one major incident every week," one field worker said, noting the recent attacks were a "distinct increase in activity."

A report from CPT said, "The past two weeks have seen a marked rise in settler activity outside the illegal settlements of Ma'on and the Havat Ma'on (Hill 833) outpost," citing rock throwing, intimidation, harassment, physical violence and even the abduction of a young shepherd "with the aid of the Israeli military and police."

According to the group, settlers from the Carmel colony directed soldiers to seize the goats of a 12-year-old shepherd on Friday afternoon. The boy testified to CPT field observers that soldiers walked downhill from the settlement dairy barns, grabbed his two goats, and told him, “If you want your goats back, you better come here.”

The boy said he was worried about the health of one of his goats, who is pregnant.

The team was notified of the assault by another shepherd from the nearby village of Tuba, who CPT workers said had heard " the boy's shouts of panic as the Israelis grabbed him."

The shepherd said he had been struck and restrained by the soldiers.

Police reportedly told inquiring CPT workers that the boy had criminally trespassed on Ma'on Settlement land. "The boy reported having no idea the land was not open to everyone," the report said. Source