06 March 2010

Zionist Bullies

First off, lets use this little bit of news:

Source: A video obtained by Ynet depicts Jewish residents of east Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood during their Purim celebrations singing songs of praise for Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish terrorist who murdered 29 Palestinians 16 years ago at the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Imagine any Pro Palestinian singing songs of praise for suicide bombings, be they in Israel, Occupied Territory or outside the region. Or better yet, imagine a crowd in a Middle Eastern country chanting something, like oh, I don't know...."Death to Israel." It has happened obviously and it has been followed by everything from outrage to threat of war from said nation. Always though, its stated that these things are threats to the very existence of Israel and all its citizens. Always, its implied that these sentiments mean terrorism. Quick, run off and distribute the gas masks!

The settlers in question though, they are clever and imaginative:
The recent documented Purim festivities were reminiscent of scenes from Hebron. The residents adopted well-known childhood songs in order to praise the massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs carried out by Goldstein.

And they are brazen.
The video was filmed this past Monday, and shows residents singing and dancing next to their Arab neighbors: "Dr. Goldstein, there is none other like you in the world. Dr. Goldstein, we all love you… he aimed at terrorists' heads, squeezed the trigger hard, and shot bullets, and shot, and shot."

And they are privileged.
One of the leaders of the leftist campaign in the neighborhood, Assaf Sharon, described to Ynet: "The settlers are allowed to hold political activities and aggravating and offensive as could possibly be, and the neighborhood's original residents, who are still a majority there, are not allowed to do a thing. We saw them enter a house, have a party, and play very loud music."

You can see the video at the original source. I'm not inclined to post it here.
While we read this as only in Israel, it isn't. People are treated to the same no matter where you live on this planet. Its okay for Zionists to sling their shit but when it gets tossed back at them, they run and cry. The problem is not that they cry, they can do that as much as they want and yes,even as loudly, even when we don't want to hear it. We can all shut off their chatter.
The problem really is that when they cry, people run to their aid and stand solidly at their side. People and government. Its not nice to fight back. Its not politically correct nor morally acceptable. If the cards are played correctly, then it can be trumped up into a full hate crime (in the U.S ). Instigation doesn't matter. They know this and use it fully in the hopes that it will go that far. Reactions is what counts. So they keep coming at people. They put words in your mouth. Lies and more lies follow.
What is more disturbing is that the general public is not educated to discern fact from fiction anymore. So they form a mob on behalf of Zionism, all the while thinking they are fighting racism. Political correctness.

Sure, people are calling it for what it is. The article goes on to mention a call to action in Sheik Jarrah. And that counts. It really does.
What concerns me is the extent that the one sided hate has entrenched itself into our society in general-outside of Israel where innocent people are attacked all too often. And what concerns me even more is that these innocents have the support they may need, but too much of that support is quivering in fear least they become the next victim of the bully Zionist regime.

It should concern most of us, it concerns people who read here, but that concern has to be spread around. We need to make it safe to think again, not just to speak. Being politically correct is just not acceptable as an excuse in these circumstances.