21 April 2010


Arab students opt out of attending Israeli “Hasbara” conference, disguised as "Student" Conference. Smart Arab students. One has to ask, if this is a student conference, why are they required as part of a so called “Student Conference” to take a “hasbara” tour of places where supposed Qassam rockets have "once" landed in Israel during the Neolithic Period. There’s not much to see anyway. I’ve posted pictures many times on this blog, and will post photos of what (horrors) the students will be missing after this:
link Israel will host the annual Mediterranean student conference on Thursday. Many participants will be visiting Israel for the first time, and are scheduled to meet ministers and Knesset members. But the excitement will be tainted by the defiant absence of students from Arab states, including those which maintain diplomatic relations with Israel.
The states which decided to boycott the conference include Egypt, Turkey, the Palestinian Authority, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Liberia and Lebanon.

Their student representatives, like those of other countries in the organization, were supposed to spend some time next week touring the areas hit by Qassam rockets in the south, visiting Yad Vashem, Jerusalem and the Galilee, and meeting with elected representatives.

Because of the cancellations, only Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Malta, Serbia, Croatia, France, Portugal, Romania, and the European Student Union representatives will attend this year, in addition to the Israeli representatives.
Anyone who knows any of these students they can just direct them here to see what they will miss:

Be afraid, be very afraid

I love how Israel tries to actually make people believe that Palestinians are a threat to the destruction of Israel with these firecracker rockets, well, maybe Palestinians are a threat to Israel, just not from their rockets, but rather from their very existence, with keys in their hands.............