11 April 2010


Israel has passed a law (in Israel) where it claims it now has the right to evict and deport thousands of Palestinians from...........guess where? Answer: Palestine...When you read this report from Haaretz below. You should be thinking "Palestinians, International Human Rights Observers from all countries, Foreign Spouses of Palestinians, and anyone OTHER than an Illegal trespassing Zionist" But, is ethnic cleansing and deporting people Israel does not like really what this is all about? Is there a bigger picture here? My wondering and rambling thoughts after this:
link A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, OR their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished. Given the security authorities' actions over the past decade, the first Palestinians likely to be targeted under the new rules will be those whose ID cards bear home addresses in the Gaza Strip - people born in Gaza and their West Bank-born children - or those born in the West Bank or abroad who for various reasons lost their residency status. Also likely to be targeted are foreign-born spouses of Palestinians.

Until now, Israeli civil courts have occasionally prevented the expulsion of these three groups from the West Bank. The new order, however, puts them under the sole jurisdiction of Israeli military courts.

The new order defines anyone who enters the West Bank illegally as an infiltrator, as well as "a person who is present in the area and does not lawfully hold a permit."

The order's language is both general and ambiguous, stipulating that the term infiltrator will also be applied to Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, citizens of countries with which Israel has friendly ties (such as the United States) and Israeli citizens, whether Arab or Jewish. All this depends on the judgment of Israel Defense Forces commanders in the field.

The Hamoked Center for the Defense of the Individual was the first Israeli human rights to issue warnings against the order, signed six months ago by then-commander of IDF forces in Judea and Samaria Area Gadi Shamni.

According to the provisions, "a person is presumed to be an infiltrator if he is present in the area without a document or permit which attest to his lawful presence in the area without reasonable justification." Such documentation, it says, must be "issued by the commander of IDF forces in the Judea and Samaria area or someone acting on his behalf."

The order stipulates that if a commander discovers that an infiltrator has recently entered a given area, he "may order his deportation before 72 hours elapse from the time he is served the written deportation order, provided the infiltrator is deported to the country or area from whence he infiltrated."

The order also allows for criminal proceedings against suspected infiltrators that could produce sentences of up to seven years. Individuals able to prove that they entered the West Bank legally but without permission to remain there will also be tried, on charges carrying a maximum sentence of three years.

The new provision also allow the IDF commander in the area to require that the infiltrator pay for the cost of his own detention, custody and expulsion, up to a total of NIS 7,500.

The fear that Palestinians with Gaza addresses will be the first to be targeted by this order is based on measures that Israel has taken in recent years to curtail their right to live, work, study or even visit the West Bank. These measures violated the Oslo Accords.

Currently, Palestinians need special permits to enter areas near the separation fence, even if their homes are there, and Palestinians have long been barred from the Jordan Valley without special authorization. Until 2009, East Jerusalemites needed permission to enter Area A, territory under full PA control.

Another group expected to be particularly harmed by the new rules are Palestinians who moved to the West Bank under family reunification provisions, which Israel stopped granting for several years.

The new order is the latest step by the Israeli government in recent years to require permits that limit the freedom of movement and residency previously conferred by Palestinian ID cards. The new regulations are particularly sweeping, allowing for criminal measures and the mass expulsion of people from their homes.

The IDF Spokesman's Office said in response, The IDF is ready to implement the order, which is not intended to apply to Israelis, but to illegal sojourners in Judea and Samaria."
So lets' get this straight; A foreign country (Israel) is passing a law in (Israel), that (Israel) has decided it has the legal right to implement, by military force and threat, inside another county (Palestine) onto citizens of Palestine, who live IN Palestine! Anyone see the insanity here?

There is another word for this, it's called a court ordered invasion using military force in order to implement it.

Can we not just see through the utter transparency of this illegal action? Firstly, this allows Israel to strengthen it's illegal occupation of another country and people. It "conveniently" allows the Evil Zionist State to speed up their ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population, e.g. Palestinians. But is that all this is about? To me it looks like a planned division of two types of Palestinians, can you see that now that I've pointed it out? The ones in the West Bank that Israel "likes" and can "work" with, get to stay, and the rest get shipped to prison in Israel or to Gaza, another prison.

Moreover, and perhaps a bigger worry is that this could also be Israel gearing up for the final solution, which even they know must surely be coming their way. I'm talking about a US led deal on a two state solution. I'm not going to argue the one state, two state solution in this post today, but we all know what America has in mind and we all know Obama must sort this if he stands a snowballs chance in Hades of being re-elected. So could this be the Israelis working to clear out all those Palestinians they "deem" unacceptable to work with? You know, the ones who don't lick the jackboots of the Zionist occupiers?

Let's ship them all off to Gaza, just get rid of all those pesky ones who refuse to sell their souls and future rights to a real and genuine sovereign Palestinian state FREE from US and Israeli infiltration and intervention, so we have all the corrupt US General Dayton supporting Palestinians left in the West Bank who Israel and the US can "deal" with easily. Throw some money at them, give them a little land, and watch them do the deal.

Meanwhile, all those deported to Gaza, all those who want a REAL Palestine, a FREE Palestine,a Sovereign Palestine, they will be demonized as usual. They will be called "terrorists" who do not want peace or a Palestinian State (an imitation Palestinian State) Soon after the world glorifies the Great new Obama victory of a shiny new US created Palestinian statelet (like Afghanistan and Iraq), Gaza and it's holdouts will be dealt with after the Obama/Israel/Fatah deal is done, most likely using (Bush man General Dayton's)Palestinian US trained soldiers (and other so called soldiers who are posers), with US, Egyptian and Israeli intel support. Afterall, what do you think that Egyptian Wall is all about anyway? Tunnels?

The US puppet Abbas will finally have his dream come true, he didn't get it when Israel invaded Gaza in 2009, although he asked Israel for it then, Soon all his deported rivals in Gaza will be deemed terrorists who must be dealt with after the new "Deal" is agreed. In Gaza they will die on the battlefield at the hands of their fellow US trained (and assisted) brothers from the West Bank.
Nice and tidy
Everyone is happy now
The State of Palestine is born
The End