29 April 2010


First Israel:
link Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas revealed that he has got a U.S. pledge to stop "any provocative activities" by Israel as part of Washington's efforts to resume Middle East peace talks
Now, I don't believe this for one second, but let's just use our imagination for one minute and visualise this.

Israel stops all settlements,
stops passing racist apartheid laws,
stops thwarting attendance at Al Aqsa,
stops demolishing Palestinian homes,
stops using Palestinians as target practice,
stops raiding Palestinian homes in the West Bank and Gaza,
stops arresting and interning Palestinians,
stops settlers and Zionist nutjobs from attacking Palestinians,
stops burning Palestinian land,
stops uprooting Olive trees,
stops stealing Palestinian land,
stops making excuses why Palestinians can't leave Gaza for medical treatment,
stops deporting Palestinians from the West Bank,
stops crossing into Palestine,
stops crossing into Gaza,
stops firing shells into Gaza,
stops shooting at Peaceful protesters....

Phew, that's a long list now isn't it? So this begs the question, if all that were "true" then WHAT would Israel do with all that spare time on it's hands? Find another hobby?

Now for Abbas, the man who has lost his mind. He makes a statement, then reverses it in the next sentence. Someone should get him some help. Witness the "Flip Flop"

"The only demand of the Palestinian side is that Israel must implement the Road Map peace plan," Abbas said, referring to a U.S. -backed plan that envisions a Palestinian statehood alongside Israel and calls for an immediate suspension of Israeli settlement activities in the area.
So this is his "precondition" Wait, not so fast...

He stressed that the call for abiding by the Road Map "was not a precondition."
See what I mean? He's definitely away with the fairies and should not be in any position of handling any negotiations for this very reason.