22 April 2010


The Zio's are worried about Nick Clegg LOL check this nonsense out:
link Clegg is a long-term critic of Israel's policies and led the charge to denounce Israel and impose sanctions during the 2009 Gaza war.

In an inflammatory opinion-page article in The Guardian in January 2009 he called on Labour to "condemn unambiguously Israel's tactics" and called for an immediate arms boycott by Britain and the EU.

The language in the Lib Dems manifesto on the Middle East does not suggest that the party's policies have changed very much over the last year.

There is enough in Lib Dems' views to give hope to those who want to see British foreign policy tilt back towards Europe and away from the Atlantic alliance. Writing in the Independent, columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown noted that Clegg's party "has alone stood up for fundamental human rights and liberty and was steadfastly against the depraved Bush/Blair war in Iraq".

Some insight into the Lib Dem position on the Israel-Palestine conflict can be gleaned from its Friends of Palestine website.
Ooooooooohhhh, interesting, what terrible anti Semitic things can be found there, shall we see what the Israelis have come up with? Here is what the Israelis are complaining about:

1. the website shows support for UNWRA!!!!! GASP Horror!!! those evil UNWRA terrorists like John Ging, always trying to help save those Palestinians Israel is attempting to kill.

2.and the other thing they point to is graffiti located on an UNWRA school in Gaza which depicts Israeli F-16's dropping bombs...GASP, Horror!!! how dare anyone make graffiti that depicts the truth. So without further adieu here's the comedy hasbara attempt:
There is much admiration for the work of the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNWRA)However, a post by Andrew Baldwin, following an all-party visit to the region last month, does note that drawings on the wall of an UNWRA school depict Israelis only in terms of Apache gunships and F16 jets which "cannot be good for future peace plans".
Well they are right with that last sentence, Israeli aggression and genocide in Gaza is not good for peace!