28 April 2010


With all the love floating around between Abbas, Israel and Obama recently, fresh winds of "peace" are wafting in the air. Israel is putting on it's "warm and fuzzy peace face." Look at us, we want peace with Palestinians. And there's old wrinkled has been Abbas, mouthing platitudes on Israeli tv blowing kisses to Netanyahu with words that send Bibi into ecstasy. Like the Right of Return is negotiable, no more resistance in the West Bank and fer sure, no Palestinian state to be declared unilaterally, only with permission.

Meanwhile, in Germany, an attempt at "unity" was also taking place, that is, until the evil ones got wind of it. Then a swarm of Zionist flying monkeys descended from the Israeli Embassy on to the German government to tell them "no no" we can't have this happening on German soil, never, ever! Because you people owe us, and you owe us for all of eternity, so do as we say, remember the holocaust. Germany's answer? "OK" no unity attempts will be made here, we are at your service:
link German government officials informed the Israeli Embassy in Berlin on Wednesday that Hamas health minister Basim Naim would not be issued a visa to attend an academic conference in early June at a university in Bad Boll in southern Germany.

The Federal Center for Political Education, an institution linked to the German government, had invited the Naim to appear at the conference titled "Speaking with Hamas and Fatah".

Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said that Israeli diplomats in Berlin held intensive discussions with German officials during which they asked that Naim not be allowed to attend the conference.

An Israeli official in Jerusalem said that the Israeli government was disappointed that Naim had been invited to attend a conference on German soil. The official in Jerusalem said Israel hopes that similar occurrences would not happen in the future
However, amidst all the insanity, we find one sane person:
Former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg told Haaretz Tuesday that he had been invited to the conference and planned to attend.

"I've been saying for a long time that we must begin a dialogue with Hamas," he said. "I don't live in a world of boycotts."

Burg said that in his view, "ultimately, diplomatic constraints will make the event very difficult to hold, but if it does occur, it will be the start of a new path, one following almost the same formula by which the initial feelers were sent out between the Israeli peace camp and the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] more than 20 years ago.
Give that man a prize!