17 April 2010


America's becoming divided over Israel and much of the population in America are beginning to wake up to the Billions of taxpayer dollars leaving America annually, plus the fact that America's constant support of everything Israel wants, with ZERO regard to how it effects America's best interests is being looked at now by Americans. Finally!

Israel supporters are using all sorts of tactics now, some are taking softer tones and using crazy logic. I was reading this article (part below), it's actually a twisted logic hasbara thing where the writer attempts to outline why America and Americans should keep supporting Israel, and it uses a recent poll which suggests about only 50% of Democrat voters still support Israel, Whereas, surprise, 80% of the Republican teabag lunatic mental midgets support Israel. Now, there's a BIG reason to vote Democrat. The poll is below and if you want to read the loony logic this guy writes you can read that as well, link provided below. But the funniest thing is that some regular American challenged the site to post his comment, which I dutifully included below this snippet, it's pure class:
Two new Gallup polls suggest that while Congress remains in near unanimous agreement, the American public is becoming increasingly divided on its view of Israel. One poll finds that 85 percent of Republicans and 48 percent of Democrats support Israelis more than Palestinians--a 37 percent partisan gap. A separate Gallup poll finds that while Israel’s favorability ratings remain high (67 percent) in the aggregate, when broken down by party 80 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats hold a favorable view. Each of these polls represents an alarming change from the traditionally bipartisan norm. link here to source
Oh Yeah, now a Fed Up American speaks his mind:
even that lunatic glenn beck says aid to israel must end and that we dont share their values,and that aipac letter that our representatives are forced to sign or face a coordinated media and funding campaign backlash just infuriates americans.we were attacked on 9-11 because we support israeli killing and occupation of palestinians and israel doesnt care and wont stop and american j-ewish interests dont care either. the 94 percent jewish owned media and their coordinated lie of "they hate our freedom" is nothing short of treson on behalf of israel to make sure americans dont question support for israel.thank god for obama. if you dont print this i will understand why their are no comments thus far, its because you wont print what americans feel

SOUNDS LIKE A FED UP AMERICAN TO ME, all I can say is it's about time!!