21 May 2010


I tell you I cannot imagine how horrible it must be for Palestinians to watch Abbas giving any and everything away to the US and Israel. This from a man who has not legally held the office of President for a long time now, due to his fear of elections, and whom does not represent the majority of Palestinians. But rather a man who works for the US and Israel against his own people!! He’s insane, and it’s now confirmed, Abbas has lost his mind. As we reported on 27 April, he has already caved on 1. the right of return, and 2. not declaring a Palestinian State unless Israel agrees with it! Then only days later, he tells the Americans he will allow NATO soldiers into any “new” Palestinian state on a PERMANENT basis, and that any new Palestinian state would be demilitarized forever!! Meaning they will NOT be a sovereign state, as they will never be allowed to have their own army, but what they WILL be, is an occupied subdivision of Greater Israel, occupied by foreign soldiers forever, much like Iraq and Afghanistan!! In essence he swaps one occupation for another. Oh, but hes’ not done giving away things just yet. Wait till you see what this insane man offered up to Israel today. But first this reminder of what he’s already given up:
link 'I want to work with Netanyahu' Regarding the 'Law of Return' for Palestinians refugees, the PA leader hinted that he was not asking for an influx of Palestinians into Israel, merely saying, "The Road Map stipulates a 'just solution,' so let's just say, I want a "just solution.'"

He expressed confidence at being able to "explain" the agreed-upon solution to the refugee issue to the Palestinian people.

"Try me," Abbas told (Israeli) Channel 2. "I say on behalf of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, that we are prepared for an agreement."

Abbas played down PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad's stated intention to declare a Palestinian state in 2011, saying, "There will be no unilateral moves, we want an agreement."
And here’s where he offers up making Palestine an occupied state AGAIN, and one that is not allowed to have it's own army!!!
link Abbas to ask int'l troops keep future Palestine demilitarized. The Palestinian Authority is considering allowing the permanent stationing of NATO forces in the future Palestinian state, Under any peace agreement likely to be formulated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israel would expect the Palestinian entity to remain demilitarized.
And here’s what he is giving Israel today, MORE LAND!!!
link The Palestinians are willing to consider making larger territorial concessions in peace talks with Israel than have been offered in the past, According to the report, concessions could reach 4% of the West Bank,

Officials briefed on the current negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians told the newspaper that the Palestinians notified Mitchell that they are willing to extend Netanyahu the same offer they made to former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and are even willing to consider doubling the territory to be transferred to Israel as part of a peace deal.