04 May 2010


Did you know that all those Tea Party supporters are only poor misunderstood nice people, well according to this article it’s true!!
I don't think that the tea people are evil. So what if some members of the tea clique were throwing dollar bills at a man with Parkinson's disease and shouting statements of hate at him. They were just exercising their freedom of speech. They were just angry about people getting sick; after all, sick people cut into the profits of the insurance companies.
You say “Potay toe” and I say “Po tat o” Here in Europe we have Eurovision, and Israel has infiltreated into it, even though they are not part of Europe. Still they can’t dominate it, so what do they do? Why they create “Jeurovision” I kid you not!
Jewish youth are gathering in Stockholm for the Jeurovision song contest. Modeled after the popular Eurovision Song Contest, the 11th annual Jeurovision scheduled for May 9
Hollywooooood, da da da da da da da da Hollywoooood…....Dont inturrupt me, I’m singing, can’t you see that? So what’s up with LA naming a street after the evil bastard who created Zionism?

The 300 block of North Clark Drive in Beverly Hills was renamed Herzl Way on Sunday on the 150th anniversary of the birth of Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism
Yet another reason to stay on the East Coast, or, in my case, a nice far away neutral country:) Jealous?

And now for something completely different, no, not Monty Python, but rather a man named Richard Curtis who is running for the Senate in Seattle Washington. He dared to condemn the Zionist attack on Rabbi Lerner.
On Monday (Richard Curtis) sharply denounced an attack on the northern California home of Rabbi Michael Lerner. Vandals used powerful glue to tack posters accusing Lerner -- editor of the liberal Jewish magazine Tikkun -- of "Islamo-fascism" and of being an enemy of Israel.
Needless to say he will have a very “short” career, the phrase “over before it starts” springs to mind.

Meanwhile, Israel, the masters of Ethnic Cleansing and protecting criminals, does what it does best
Zionist settlers occupied a Palestinian home in Beit Safafa, south of occupied Jerusalem, on Sunday night with the full protection of Israeli occupation police
And lastly, the Irish rock in Gaza, so can I just say a big “Woo Hoo” as Ireland beat England in the Gaza World Cup
IRELAND BEAT England 2-1 yesterday in Gaza’s world cup soccer tournament. Thousands of cheering fans filled Palestine stadium in Gaza City to inspire the mixed teams of human rights workers, educators, journalists, diplomats and Palestinian players from the numerous clubs in the coastal enclaves.
Aidan O’Leary, deputy director of operations for the UN Relief and Works Agency, made the pass for Ireland’s first goal.