19 May 2010


This is the story of the "food chain" with regards to the so called "Palestine/Israeli/Obama" peace fake process. First you have the wee tiny Abbas-Plankton, just floating about the ocean floor trying to become a tiny fish. I like to call them "The Moron Abbas-Plankton" And then you have the tiny fish trying to save themselves and reap glory by becoming a bigger fish, or what I like to call "the Tiny Briber Fish", and THEN you have the really big fish who feed on everyone else, I like to call them "the Chosen Fish" they always get everything, and they feed on all the smaller fish and plankton.

First the Moron Abbas-Plankton:
Sadly there's old has been "Mister my Presidency ended eons ago Abbas" offering any and everything to Israel on the non-existent chance that he, Abbas, can get some tiny patch of desert where he can rule and call it a "Palestinian state. As we reported before, he's already said that the "right of return" is "negotiable" and that he felt he could "explain" that to Palestinians (wonder how all those Palestinians with keys feel about that?) And even after that he still gets "no love" from Israel. So he has now upped the ante and offers to keep any so called "sovereign Palestinian State" under occupation, only with different foreign troops. This begs the question, is there ANYTHING he won't do for Israel? Answer: probably not, just so long as he gets to appear bigger than "Plankton."
link Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas intends on informing Special US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell that the Palestinian Authority would agree to have NATO forces stationed in future Palestine.
Now here is how he is attempting to sell this rubbish:
According to the report, NATO forces would also be tasked with "protecting the Palestinian state from Israel."
BUT, what this really means is that these "troops" will in all actuality be working for the US and Israel, just like General Dayton is doing right now, and has been doing since G W Bush put his arse in the West Bank and Obama kept him there! So effectively Palestine will be a "state" on paper, but occupied, and not under the sole control of Palestinians, so how is that a sovereign country and not an occupied one?

Now the "Small Briber Fish" must do his "paying up" to the "Big Chosen Fish" Why? because the big chosen fish are never ending victims of "Anti-Bigfish-ism." Israel is putting on a show for Obama and to a lesser degree the world. They are supposedly "talking" about "talking about peace." Obama needs to deliver something or he won't be re-elected, he needs a victory, even a fake one. Never mind, "Chosen Fish" to the rescue but for a price, as usual. Well, C'mon now, did you think it was FREE? That extra 205 MILLION Obama just gave them is not nearly enough payback, so enter the Israeli congressional hasbara team "Obama must come to Israel and praise it" or, as us the rest of us would say, grovel to the "Chosen Fish":
link Jewish members of Congress urged President Barack Obama in a meeting Tuesday night to discuss his commitment to Israel publicly and travel to the country to demonstrate his support.

Obama convened the 1-hour meeting with three dozen Jewish Democratic lawmakers,after some members of Congress raised concerns about his administration's attitudes and positions on Israel, said Rep. Shelley Berkley, one lawmaker present.

"I do want to see the president step up and vocalize his support for Israel far more than he has. He just needs to do that," Berkley said.
See? the little tiny Abbas-Plankton gives everything up for nothing,and thus gets eaten up, the middle fish bribes the BIG Chosen fish so that the middle fish can "look" like a world hero, and be "seen" as a big fish as well, and maybe keep his job! But it's the BIG Chosen Fish that gets everything, as usual. So where's "Free Willie" when you need him?