27 May 2010


The Irish politicians call Israel's bluff what a smart political move this is. As per the agreement offered by Shalit's family, I now except the family of Gilad to start supporting the flotilla in the media and callig on their government to allow it though:
Irish Parliamentarians offer to bring family's letters and parcels to Captured Israeli soldier Gilat Schalit
May 27, 2010

The Irish members of a Parliamentary delegation who are going on the flotilla to Gaza this morning (Friday 27th may) have written to the father of the Israeli soldier in captivity Gilat Schalit in response to a letter received by the Free Gaza movement. In that letter Namon Schalit asked that letters and parcels from Gilat’s family be given to their son.

Deputy Aengus Ó Snodaigh, Deputy Chris Andrews and Senator Mark Daly have agreed to personally hand the letters and parcels to the Red Cross in Gaza or to their fellow Irish man John Ging Head of the United Nation's Relief and Works Agency in Gaza. The three Irish members of parliament are part of an international group of parliamentarians bringing aid to Gaza from countries including Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy and Mayalsia.

They will be asking the Red Cross and John Ging to try and ensure that Gilad receives the letter, parcels and that he gets visits from the Red Cross.