24 May 2010

Ooooooooooooooooo Very Interesting

link Arrest warrant issued for mystery Scot Christopher Lockwoo. A scot is the focus of a global manhunt following the Mossad assassination of a top Hamas official.

Detectives investigating the Dubai murder - blamed on the Israeli secret service - have issued an arrest warrant for British citizen Christopher Lockwood.

Interpol has published a photo of Lockwood on a wanted list, stating his place and date of birth as Glasgow, 1948.

Police in Scotland have been assisting Interpol and the Dubai investigating team in their bid to locate the mysterious 62-year-old.

Interpol yesterday refused to enlarge on details of Lockwood’s role. He did not come under the spotlight immediately after the incident, which has so far thrown up 32 other suspects.

However, officials in Dubai have been quoted as believing the smartly dressed, balding, bespectacled man in the new photograph is the first suspect to have been operating with a passport bearing his own details. Interpol states Lockwood - wanted for “crimes against life and health” - was born in Glasgow on 23 February 1948

The mystery deepened last night when the Record checked (the Brit/mossad changed cover-up) birth records for 1948, which showed no-one of the name Christopher Lockwood was born in Glasgow or any other part of Scotland in that year.

But Interpol refused to say if the details it has released about the man in the photograph come from the information found on a passport, which could have been forged, or from further intelligence.

UK police have been cooperating with Dubai police, and the two agencies believe Mr. Lockwood isn’t in Britain but could be travelling in Europe, according to the person familiar with the situation.