04 May 2010


Here's one Zionist who truly now gets the picture! The picture in question is the end of the Jewish State unless there is a 2 state solution very soon. He's like a one man terminator, trying to save the sinking ship called Isarel the "Jewish" state. True enough Barak has been talking up a storm recently on this very subject and now this, which I find quite funny actually.
link A New York family bought a house in Hebron, dubbed “Peace House,” for some Jewish families. After they moved in, the Arab seller denied having sold the house. In court, the purchasers showed a video of him accepting the money for the house. The court did not reach a conclusion, at that time, of who the legal owners are.

The High Court ruled that the government does not have to expel the residents until the ownership is adjudicated, but that it may. The Hebron Jewish Community was working with government officials to find a peaceful solution. While they were exchanging proposals, Defense Minister Barak deceived them and expelled the residents by force.

Now the government of Israel is suing the Hebron Jewish Community for the cost of the expulsion