09 May 2010


OMG!! Not to sound all “Star Trekie” here but, Proof of the String Theory of alternate dimensions has been discovered. A crack in the time space continuum has taken place, if only for a short time and today we’ve witnessed a glance into the alternate dimension:
link A Jewish family was evacuated from its West Bank home by force before the house was demolished.

About 100 protesters surrounded the home Thursday after two other homes in the Hashmonaim neighborhood were razed. The homes were believed to be violating the 10-month West Bank construction freeze.

The owners of the last home to be razed had attempted to show the security forces proof that the house had been built legally, Haaretz reported. Family members had barricaded themselves inside to prevent the demolition.
And, Israel kidnaps Lebanese Goats, evidently they were Hezbollah supporters and anti-Semitic goats:
link Lebanon has filed a complaint with the UN Security Council claiming that Israeli soldiers entered its territory in the area of the Shebaa Farms and confiscated 185 goats,
Not to be outdone, Israel’s bulls have been trained by the IDF and have inherited that “I’m Israeli and I can do anything” attitude, combined with an ingrained hatred for complying with UN resolutions:
A year earlier, UN soldiers shot down an Israeli bull which crossed the border into Lebanon in order to drink from the same pool. The bull was shot after trying to storm the UN forces.
And sticking with Lebanon; we now turn to “Hummus Wars” where Israel has moved from kidnapping goats, to stealing the ownership of Hummus from Lebanon. However, Lebanon strikes back and wins the title!! And speaking of titles, I loved the title of this article, if only it were true:)
link Lebanon fires 10-tonne hummus broadside at Israel Lebanon claimed another victory in the continuing battle with Israel over which country can make the largest plate of the chickpea delicacy hummus --

More than 300 chefs set the new record for hummus, which the Lebanese say is their national dish despite Israeli claims, in the presence of a Guinness World Records representative who confirmed its weight at 10,452 kilograms. The chefs mixed the ingredients together in a giant plate which itself claimed a record for the largest earthenware dish.
And whilst we are on the subject of Guinness World Records, let me say Ireland has just secured one as well, the longest line of Irish Dancers totalling 390 dancers Woo Hoo: