05 May 2010


First this little gem which only goes to prove that the Zionist's have a grip on controlling media and publications, including at Universities, like the one in Leeds:
link In an interview with Leeds University’s award-winning weekly newspaper Leeds Student, Sameh Habeeb, the editor of the Palestine Telegraph, was asked whether he believed that mainstream news organisations have a “hidden” agenda.

“They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media,” Habeeb replied in the latest edition of the students paper published on April 30.

But following protests led by Jak Codd, Communications & Internal Affairs Officer at Leeds University Union, which funds the paper, a compromise deal was reached to delete the comments that were claimed to be ‘anti-Semitic’ after threats to suspend the publication.

He admitted that his intervention caused an “outcry” from students and that he was accused of “censorship, inventing anti-semitism, seeking to silence criticism of Israel, and even of proving that Jews do control the media by my actions.”

“Apparently it is ‘ironic’ that a Jew should take action to stop the student paper promoting the view that Jews control the media,” Codd said in reference to his own religious affiliation.

The newspaper has launched a petition calling for the reinstatement of an uncensored version of the edition and for the union to issue an apology to its editor.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, over 700 student union members have also joined a Facebook group protesting against the decision to censor the issue.

“Ok, so one of your student officers took offence at an article because he views an interview answer as saying the media is controlled by Jewish people. A Jewish student officer who then exerts control over the student newspaper by getting the paper removed and the article censored,” one student said

The latest controversy comes after Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle condemned the BBC last week as being “cowardly” for bowing down to the Zionist lobby after apologising for one of his jokes about Israel, who he described as an “aggressive, terrorist state.”

“It’s tragic for such a great institution but it is now cravenly afraid of giving offence and vulnerable to any kind of well drilled lobbying,” Boyle said.
Now, here's how they do it, below are sections of an article about the Zionist who went after Jeremy Bowen and smeared him, and continues to attack the BBC over programs and journalists who dare to criticize Israel. The following is taken from a Pro-Israel paper, hence the biased slant to make this censoring moron look good and noble:
link Israel-based British lawyer Trevor Asserson has waged a long campaign to keep the world's most influential news organization, the BBC, (pro –Israel) in its reporting of Israel

Asserson had published his fourth study. This time too, as in the three previous studies, the successful Jewish lawyer sought to demonstrate that the world's strongest broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation, had a hostile bias in its reporting of Israel.

When the second intifada broke out. Asserson, like many Jews in Britain, was glued to his television set. He could not bear what he saw (truth hurts!) . "The BBC's prejudice against Israel was sweeping," he says. "I tried to persuade members of the Jewish community to do what I knew could be done, which was to sue the BBC." The community gave him the cold shoulder,

In 2001, he asked a British student to record all reports of the Middle East conflict and analyze them
Let's look at how he “scientifically” compiles his “evidence” that the BBC is Anti-Semitic. Aside from having students watch TV for him, this is how he comes to his conclusions:
I would look at the "New York Times", I would look at "The Guardian", I would look at "Haaretz", and I would look at the "The Jerusalem Post". Then we compared that to the BBC's coverage.(So, 50% of the papers he uses as his "sample" are Jewish papers, this is already skewed)

Four years ago, at the height of his campaign, he immigrated to Israel with his wife and two daughters. But he does not deny that in the American firm at which he worked, as at the British firm beforehand, they were not happy to be identified with his public role.

He has never sued the BBC. "Suing the BBC is very, very difficult," he admits. "First of all, you need, probably, a million pounds. If you lose, they will ask for their costs, which is another million.(because he would loose) For its part, the BBC actually did want to go to court
So instead of going to court he did this:
I let the public see my evidence by putting it on the Internet." (hasbara campaign)

Asserson complained that the BBC was refusing to use the word "terrorist" for those carrying out attacks in Israel.(e.g. fighting back against White Phosphorous and DIME missiles killing their children and invading their land) "He said they did not use the term in places where the moral legitimacy was a matter of controversy. So I said, that on that basis I concluded that he did not think that killing Israeli children was illegitimate. (So would he then support the word Terrorist for the ZOF who murdered 400 Palestinian children? Me thinks not!)

How did this anti-Israel agenda come about there?
I've asked the BBC, do you have a method for telling what your journalists think? (what he means here is making sure their reporters pass the pro-Israel test) It seems to me obvious that on a subject like the Middle East, it is sensible to have some knowledge of what your journalists think."
Here is why he continually attacks the BBC:
"97% of the British public are exposed to the BBC every month," he explains. "That's an astonishing number.

So they are educating the public to hate Israel?
"Right. In the intifada I examined 30-minute programs. A program like that is a very dangerous weapon, because it looks like an in-depth analysis of some subject. They show it, repeat it, put it on their website, and sell it to the world. During the three and a half years of the intifada, about every four to six weeks, a documentary attacking Israel was broadcast. Every six weeks, the British public was exposed to a film that said that Israel was a terrible place in which to live, and explained why Hamas was attacking Israelis." (Oh we can’t have balanced reporting, we can’t know why Israel is being attacked, we can’t understand that Israel is the aggressor and occupier and land stealing, ethnic cleansing murdering apartheid state)
And here comes the racist Islamophobic slam:
"I think that London has become, decades ago, a place that is very favorable for Muslims, very free, and very slow to arrest people who disseminate views that are anti-Semitic. It may be a desire not to trample privacy laws.
And what are his views on International Law where Israel is concerned? Why typical Zionist mentality, either change the law to allow Israel to act with impunity, or all others must apply to the law, but not Israel:
What we have with Tzipi Livni is a concerted Hamas-supported group of people who are being paid to use international law in a particular way. And this could be done in other countries unless the law is changed. The law on international jurisdiction in principle is a good law. If somebody massacres a million Hutus and they come to England, it’s not a bad thing that they can be arrested. The question is what controls do you put on using it, and at the moment, England has failed to put adequate controls

I think that the BBC has been a significant element in poisoning the minds not just of English people but people around the world, I think it represents the state of mind of a group of people from the educated, left-wing middle class

Why does nobody from the Jewish community want to help you?

It's English, it's European, maybe it's Jews in exile, I don't know - it’s not Israeli (And thank GOD that England is not Israel)
Now we all remember Jeremy Bowen who reported during the Gaza Genocide. He was critical of the evil rogue state and for this he became the sole target of this Zionist censorship campaign:
Trevor Asserson's seventh and most recent study, which he presented at the Ariel Conference on Law and Mass Media, focuses on one man Jeremy Bowen, head of the BBC's Middle East desk. "I found in my latest study for Jeremy Bowen that he has reached the highest record 100% against Israel. "He kept a diary (a personal blog) . The first problem is that it is against the rules, the protocols, of the BBC to express a journalist's personal opinion. The diary (personal blog) is described as a personal view." It's very common today for journalists to write a blog. "Fine." If you don't work for the BBC, and particularly between the Israeli and the Palestinian narratives, If you want a blog, find yourself another job."

Can things change?
"There are improvements. When I did my report on three and a half years of 30 Minutes documentaries, it just happened that within a few weeks of doing this report I was approached by the Chief Rabbi, and four or five very senior people. They all happened to contact me and say, Trevor, I'm going to see the head of the BBC next week, can you send me a copy. So I know the senior people in the BBC saw my report five times from five different people. These documentaries stopped within a few weeks of my report."

When you get home in the evening, do you immediately switch on the BBC?
"I almost never watch the BBC. I pay other people to do that.
Censorship has arrived in Britain........