04 June 2010


Tricky situation this; So there's the old no longer legally elected, US Israeli puppet President of Palestine, sitting there wondering how he can claim some of the limelight after the deaths of the Freedom Flotilla civilians. Comes up with this:
link President Mahmoud Abbas granted Palestinian nationality to all participants of the Freedom Flotilla on Wednesday.

"Jerusalem is under siege, Gaza is under siege, Hebron is torn apart, Bethlehem is isolated and our lands are occupied," Abbas said, asking the world
Stunning, This from a man who is directly invovled in keeping Rafah closed for years no less!! More:
"When will this tyranny and occupation end? When will Israel respect the laws of international legitimacy, so bloodshed ends and true peace prevails?"
Answer: When you stop playing party politics, unite with Hamas and all other parties, and then collectively as a Palestinian nation stand up to both Israel AND the US, that's when!