10 June 2010


Countless Movies, books, documentaries, not enough. What can I say, it's the Holocaust again. The world can never pay Israel enough, gotta keep giving to Israel, and giving and giving and giving and giving for all of eternity, because they are the only victims in the entire world:
Britain appointed its first-ever envoy to deal with post-Holocaust issues on Wednesday. Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that Andrew Burns, a former ambassador to Israel, would take the job. Hague said Britain is committed to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and will support efforts to make sure that the lessons of this period in history are not forgotten. He would also take part in education efforts and promote remembrance and research about the Holocaust.

Burns' appointment was applauded in Israel.(No really????????????)

"We think it's a very positive and important step ... and we wish him a lot of success in his work in promoting Holocaust education and fighting for the rights of the survivors,"
So what about a special Envoy to deal with the Irish holocaust? Our population was halved three times in History. Oh sorry, only Israel is a victim.